Hot Smart Grid And Power Savings Startups

One of the hottest areas of clean-tech investing is the smart grid – where companies hope to bring new energy efficiencies to the electric power grid.

There is no shortage of startups in this expanding space. The Cleantech Group highlighted 10 in its Cleantech 100, a list of private firms expected to grow rapidly. Seven are located in the United States, three from Europe.

Seven of the startups are from the US, including GridPoint, and three are from Europe

Seven of the startups are from the US, including GridPoint, and three are from Europe

The companies offer energy management systems and hardware to reduce power usage.

The entire Cleantech 100 covers nine market segments and highlights 55 companies from the United States, 13 from the United Kingdom, 10 from Germany, five from Israel and three from India.

Here are the smart grid and power savings companies.

GridPoint, Arlington, Virginia
Silver Springs Networks, Redwood City, California
SmartSynch, Jackson, Mississippi
CPower, New York, New York
eMeter, San Mateo, California
EPS , Costa Mesa, California
Nujira, Cambridge, United Kingdom
PowerPlus Communications, Manheim, Germany
Ubidyne, Ulm, Germany
Verdiem, Seattle, Washington

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