Wind Turbine Blades Take A Cue From The Humpback Whale

WhalePower fan blades are inspired by the bumps on the fins of a humpback whale

WhalePower’s catchy marketing slogan has got lots of mileage in technical trade publications: “A Million Years Of Field Tests.”

Now the Toronto company’s first product is coming to market. And its claim is a 20 percent boost in wind turbine performance. It also reduces turbine noise.

WhalePower’s Tubercle technology is the company’s ambitious bid to redesign the blades used in turbines, fans, pumps and compressors. It is inspired by the bumps on a humpback whale’s flippers, which increase its ability to power through water and correspondingly the ability of a blade to spin quicker in the air.

The first Tubercle product will be marketed through Envira-North Systems Limited for a high-efficiency ceiling fan. Envira’s claim is the blades can reduce the cost of a ceiling fan by 93 percent

The market reception will be an interesting test the wind industry should be watching closely.

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  1. very interesting thank you lots writing report on humpback whales helping the world

  2. LEDs already are a fast growing segment, says Birnbaum. The bright pictures and micro-thin designs are a powerful draws.

  3. This looks greta, i hope it does what it promise. It is nice to see some progress in fan industry. I sure would be glad to have a chance testing one of these.

    If you are intrested in posting review on my page which im building for gathering info about ceiling fans, just let me know.

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