[Dreamforce '08] Salesforce.com CEO: Our Strategy Is “Love”, Microsoft “Hates” Everybody

Salesforce.com CEO thinks he's Neil Young!

Salesforce.com CEO thinks he

All you need is Love. And love was indeed what Salesforce.com CEO needed after fielding questions from media and analysts for close to 2 hours – probably the longest I ever attended!

The question about Microsoft competion actually started Marc Benioff’s rant against the world’s largest software company. “They hate everybody and we love everybody. We love Microsoft, even if they hate us. And that’s how we are different. Our Force [referring to the company's cloud computing platform] strategy is love,” joked Benioff.

Salesforce.com dreams of a world of multiple “open” clouds

For the Salesforce.com co-founder, Microsoft will never release its customer relation (CRM) software on the iPhone or the Blackberry because Microsoft “hates them.”

But beyond the rethoric, Benioff’s vision is a world of clouds, of multiple clouds connected to each other: Salesforce.com cloud, Amazon cloud, Google cloud and even Microsoft cloud, if they ever open it.


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