Google Kills YouTube Ad Program That Falls Short

Google has pulled back on another advertising product that failed to live up to expectations.

Google has discontinued several ad ventures in recent months

Google has discontinued several ad ventures in recent months

The latest is its AdSense video units, a product that let Internet publishers display You Tube video and ads on their pages.

“We’ve found that is hasn’t had the impact we had hoped for,” Arlene Lee, a member of the Inside AdSense Team, said Friday in a blog post.

In recent months, Google has discontinued several advertising ventures that have fallen short, including its print program for newspapers and its high-profile venture to sell radio ads.

AdSense video units, introduced in October 2007, was designed to deliver ads that were relevant to a publisher’s site and will be discontinued in April. Google offered no additional details for the closing.

Google said its separate video ads products continues its operations.

Online Video Advertising To Rise 45% In 2009 Outpacing Search’s Growth Of 15%

Online search advertising may not be recession proof, but it is “recession resistant,” says eMarketer, and is projected to rise 14.9 percent in 2009.

But the growth will pale compared with online video advertising, which will climb 45 percent as advertisers look for new ways to reach consumers with tight budgets.

Overall, Internet advertising will advance 8.9 percent to $25.7 billion next year, says the market research firm. This will be the lowest annual growth ever for online advertising.

Search will still do better than most other forms of advertising, online and off, because it is measurable, and because an advertiser doesn’t pay unless a viewer clicks.

The video ad market, which should reach $850 million, will benefit from the rise of professional video content on the Web. The increase in content is finally creating an audience for the ads.

Online advertising projections for 2009

Online advertising projections for 2009


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