Asus Laptop Keyboard Not Working: Roll It Back To The Working Condition

Asus is a well-known brand in terms of laptops, printers, and mobile phones. However, some glitches are also present with the Asus products. If you are facing Asus keyboard not working issue, then nothing to worry. In this article, you will get the best possible ways to resolve this problem. So, let us proceed for it.

What Are the Causes For Which Asus Laptop Keyboard Not Working

As in case of a laptop keyboard is a pre-installed device. So, to resolve this you may need to dismantle some parts of your device to fix the issue if it is hardware related. Otherwise, the problem can occur due to the driver issue or the settings of your laptop. To fix such types of problems which are resisting your keyboard laptop to work normally, you need to continue this article.

How to Resolve Asus Laptop Keys Not Working Issue

There are several reasons for which your laptop keyboard does not work. But nothing to fret because in this portion of this article you will get the useful ways to resolve this Asus keyboard not working issue.

Way 1: Restart Your Asus Laptop

If there is any software conflicting issue, then it can also result in the Asus keyboard not working problem. If this is the case then simply restarting the laptop can fix it. After your laptop gets turned on, now check whether it resolves the problem otherwise, go for the below procedures.

Way 2: Reinstall Keyboard Driver

If your Asus laptop keyboard driver gets corrupt, then it can result in this problem. In most of the cases, the problem of the Asus laptop keyboard does not work is due to this. So, reinstallation is the only way to fix it. Here are the steps to follow to perform this task.

Go To Device Manager

First of all, to proceed this process you need to open the Device Manager of your computer. You can use any of the below two processes to open the Device Manager in your system.

At first, go to the Windows search box and then type Control Panel and hit Enter. This will open the Control Panel window and next you need to change the View by option to Large icons by clicking on the drop-down arrow. After that search for Device Manager in this window and hit on it to open.

Alternatively, to initiate this process, at first open the Run command box. Hold the Windows button and then press the letter R simultaneously to open the Run box. And then on it type devmgmt.msc and then tap the Enter button to execute this command and to open the Device Manager window.

Note: You can only perform this process if the above-mentioned keys of your laptop are in working condition. Otherwise, you can also use your system virtual keyboard to perform this task.

Uninstall The Keyboard Driver

Under Device Manager window you will get Keyboards option, click twice on it to expand. And after that, you will find your keyboard driver among this expanding section. Then, you need to right-click on your keyboard driver and after that select on Uninstall device and then Confirm. By selecting on Confirm you will visit that your laptop gets restart. After it gets restarted, you will find that the laptop drivers automatically gets installed in your device. And then check if it resolves your Asus keyboard not working glitch.

Way 3: Update Keyboard Driver

If you are using an outdated version of keyboard driver, then it can result in some of the buttons of your laptop is not functioning problem. If this is the case then Upgrading keyboard driver can resolve this issue. Follow the below procedure to update your Asus laptop keyboard driver.

To begin this process at first you need to open the Device Manager. And to do this you can simply search Device Manager on the Windows search bar and hit Enter to open. Under the Device Manager window, go to the Keyboards section and double-click on it to expand. Then, you will be able to see your keyboard driver, and next, you need to right-click on your keyboard driver. And then select on Update driver option. Next, you need to follow all the upcoming instruction on your screen to update your Asus laptop driver.

Way 4: Disable Your System Filter Keys

Disabling the Asus laptop filter keys will fix this keyboard not working problem. The procedure to do this is as below.

First of all, navigate your mouse on the Start menu and then right click on it. After doing this, you will see many options. Among them, select on Settings. Next, you will see that the Settings window gets open. And then scrolls down to reach to the Ease of Access section. After getting it, make a click on it. Next again you need to scroll down the left panel of this Settings window to reach to the Keyboard option. After that hit on it and then starts scrolling down the right panel and make Filter Keys disable. After you slide off the Filter keys, next close this settings window. And restart your device, now you will be able to see that your laptop keyboard will work smoothly.


These are the procedures which you may follow to fix this Asus keyboard not working issue.

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