Cancel Norton Subscription: Apply Easy Hacks

Norton is a renowned antivirus software that guards your data and personal information against the outer intimidations which infect the device via the internet. The application affords the privilege of email spam as well as phishing security. Moreover, the Norton antivirus is an integral part of the device protection for the users. But at times the antivirus creates an error in the system by interfering with other softwares. Sometimes the antivirus stops other apps to install in the device and further block the pre-installed apps. Moreover, it’s not simple to unsubscribe this antivirus because of different perspectives. If you are also experiencing similar issues with the Norton antivirus, then read this article.

Methods To Cancel Norton Subscription

Process 1

Open the device and then navigate until you find the Norton icon. Select the symbol from the Windows desktop. If the image is hidden in your system, then go to the Start menu and in that address bar type the name of the software. As soon as the app appears, then double tap on it. Scroll until you find Disable Antivirus Auto-Protect option and then right-click on it.

Moreover, you can disable the antivirus as according to your requirement. Right-click on the icon again if you wish to enable the antivirus again. Choose the Enable Antivirus Auto-protect mode and then restart the system.

Process 2

Start the system and then start the Control Panel and pick the option Programs and Features. Other than this you can also select the option Add or Remove Programs from the same list. Choose the Uninstall option by right-clicking on the antivirus icon. Uninstall the antivirus; there will be different choices provided. If you want to re-install the antivirus, then select the selection of temporary uninstall option. This operation will help you to install the software again. But if you’re going to eliminate the Norton antivirus, then select Delete all Settings option and then choose preferences and files from the system.

Now one new window will pop up and will ask for your choices on whether you wish to save your Norton identity. If you want to keep the password of the antivirus, then click on the Yes option and click on Ok to Save it. But if you do not wish to keep the password identification then select the No thanks option and then click on the Exit button and leave the page.

Wait untill the software uninstalls completely. Further, after the procedure ends then reboot the system and restart it to check if the antivirus still exists. Scan the system and check if in the background any file of the antivirus is yet running.

Process 3

Open the device and then start the Applications folder. Choose Norton Internet Security option from the list and then double tap on that. Select the Uninstall menu. Now the Operating System will require to sign in. Make sure you log in as the admin. Provide the password and then start the removal procedure. As soon as the computer uninstalls the antivirus, switch off the device and then start it again.

Process 4

Open the computer and then select on the Nortons icon placed on the display screen. Double tap on the image and then choose Norton Antivirus Options. After that pick the Miscellaneous opportunity. Now do not select the Turn Office Plug-in On and then untick it. This procedure will remove the Norton antivirus. Restart the device and then check if the device eliminates.

Manage On Android’s

Open the device and then click on the Settings application. Swipe the screen and later on the top of the display choose the notification bar. Select the Lock screen security option and then lock the key next to it. Now again select the other Security option on the right-hand side. Hold the device as the admin and then uncheck the security. Once the security protection is off then, right-click on the Deactivate option. Save the changes by selecting the Ok button and then choose the Yes option. Reboot the device after that.

Remove Norton Subscription

Open the device and after that click on the web browser. In the address bar type and hit Enter. Log in to the machine and provide the username as well as the password and operate the account. Select the right-hand box and from there choose Automatic Renewal Perspectives and continue. Now finally select the unsubscribe option, and after that slide, the green bar and tick pick that. Choose Slider bar to turn off automatic renewal then as the subscription ends the current bill will stop. Restart the device after the process of unsubscription and after that run the system scanner to check if any file is still operating in the background of other apps. Moreover, identify if any such file appears and eliminate them from the system. Reboot the device.

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