Cannot Access Netgear Router: Error With Easy And Effective Steps

Netgear is one of the most renowned routing devices that offers multiple features. With the use of advanced technologies, it offers us benefits that help us to experience flawless internet connection. So, to avail of all the useful benefits and functionalities, at first, it is necessary to login into the Netgear router appropriately. But at times, users are encountering trouble to access this router and as a result, the work gets hampered. Therefore, if you are unable to cannot access Netgear router, do not worry. In this article, we will provide all the probable steps and solutions to fix this issue.

Smart Methods To Fix “Cannot Access Netgear Router” Error

There are two methods you can try out when you cannot access Netgear router. Take a look at the steps given below.

Method 1:

  1. From a computer or mobile device which is connected to your router’s network, launch a web browser at first.
  2. Now, type or
  3. Soon a login window will appear
  4. Now, enter the router username and password.
  5. The username is “admin” and the default password is password. Remember, the username and password are case-sensitive
  6. Immediately, the basic home page will appear
  7. Check whether you can access the internet or not

Method 2:

In case the above steps are not working and you are still unable to access Netgear router, try the methods that are given below:

  1. With an Ethernet cable by putting an end in one of the router LAN ports and connect a computer and a router directly. Also, ensure that both the ends are secure or not.
  2. Now, check the Internet LED lights are on. In case it is not, resolve the light status as mentioned in the manual.
  3. Again, verify that the LEDs for the ports that are connects the cables are lit. If not, move the cable to another port. If you find that still there is no light, then as stated in the manual, troubleshoot the light status.
  4. Now, check the LED on the Ethernet adapter lights are on or not. If it is not, then troubleshoot the adapter. After you are done with the above steps, Select the Start option and click on the Run button.
  5. Now, type cmd. and ping If a message is displayed showing “Request timed out,” then type ping In case still, the message persists, then your computer is unable to connect with the router else your computer ┬ácan access the router
  6. Verify that proxies are not enabled. In case you are using Internet Explorer, select Tools and then select the Internet Options
  7. Now, click on the connections and then select the LAN Settings. Untick”Use a proxy server for your LAN….”. Delete all the offline content.
  8. Select Tools and then click on the Internet Options. Hit the Delete Files options. Then, select Delete all offline content, and select the OK button.
  9. Try accessing with a different computer or with a different browser. Now, delete the cookies. After that, turn off the router, and power it back on again.
  10. If you still cannot log on, try to restore your Netgear router with the help of factory default settings.

Applying the above methods will help you to eliminate the error successfully without any hassle. If still, you have any confusion or trouble please do post comments below.

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