Canon Printer Error B200: Ultimate Guide to fix

Canon is one of the best manufacturers of printing devices in this competitive market where different companies are in the same business. Apart from the printers, this company also produces many other electronic devices like cameras, photocopiers etc. Since the printers have ergonomically placed buttons, easy user interfaces, and many other useful features, it is popular among everyone. Despite all the good things that every Canon printer has, even then there is a chance for you to encounter many errors. One out of the many errors that you can get is the Canon printer error b200. This error code normally occurs due to the print head overheating problem or if it is not working correctly. In the next section, you will get some of the most effective solutions to resolve this issue in no time.

Steps To Fix Canon Printer Error B200

This section of the article will provide you with the details to resolve the printer error b200. There are some easy ways with which you can resolve this error for the 4+ cartridge and 2 cartridge printers.

For 4+ Cartridges Canon Printer

  • First, open the lid at the top of the device, then the tray that contains cartridges will lift up automatically. After that, take out all the cartridges from the tray.
  • Detach the printhead by lifting the lever, that is present beside the cartridge tray.
  • Now, insert the printhead back into the device carefully in the exact place, and then be sure to securely lock the lever.
  • Reinstall all the ink cartridges in the cartridge tray correctly and put it in the perfect position and at last, close the lid of the printer. Closing the lid ensures that the printer is now ready to print.
  • Remove the power cable of the printer from the socket and then keep it like that for more than 5 minutes.
  • After this, connect the power cable of the printer.
  • Finally, start the cleaning cycle or do a substantial nozzle check present in the printer.

For 2 Cartridge Canon Printers

  • First, switch off the Canon printer with the 2 cartridges. Due to the b200 error, the cartridge tray in the 2 cartridge printers can get jammed.
  • Switch on the printer. After that, to identify the problematic cartridge, check every cartridge one by one by removing all the others, and see which one is triggering the b200 error.
  • This printer has the printhead together with the cartridge. So, when you replace the cartridge, the printhead also gets replaced.
  • After you replace the ink cartridge, do an elaborate nozzle check or perform a cleaning cycle.
  • Now, if you see that the problem is still occurring, then try to replace the other cartridge with a new one or an old working cartridge. Then, check again to see if the error is still there or not.
  • It is a good practice to replace both the cartridges to avoid the Canon error b200.

Apply the given procedures carefully and resolve the annoying error code in no time. If you do not feel confident enough to execute the steps by yourself, consider opting for expert assistance.