[Solved] Dell Laptop Keyboard Not Working: Effective And Handy Solutions

While working with your Dell laptop suddenly if you notice that you can’t type anything using your keyboard, then it can be a serious problem. After the Windows 10 update, this keyboard issue has become quite obvious among the Dell users. Most of the users complain that their Dell laptop keyboard won’t work and they’re facing a lot of difficulties. If you are facing the same situation with your keyboard, then be rest assured. You can easily fix this problem with the help of effective solutions. In this article, you’ll get to know how to solve Dell laptop keyboard not working issue using some simple troubleshooting ways.

Dell Laptop Keyboard Stopped Working: [Step-by-Step Guide]

There can be many reasons behind which Dell laptop keyboard may not work in Windows 10. Mostly, the keyboard stops working due to problems related to keyboard driver. Suppose your keyboard driver gets faulty then this will cause keyboard not to work correctly. Again if the keyboard driver fails to load automatically, then Dell Inspiron laptop keyword may not work. Sometimes, there can be an internal hardware problem for which your Dell laptop keyboard not working.

However, there are multiple ways to solve this problem and make your keyboard working like before. Here are some of the proven measures that you can try to fix the Dell laptop keyboard issue:

Solution 1: Reboot And Remove The Battery

As the error is mainly related to the driver, you need to run a power cycle before uninstalling the driver of the keyboard. During the power cycle, all the hardware components are reverted back to their initial state in the laptop. Now, it’s time to remove the battery and wait until the process is complete.

  • First power off the Dell laptop. If you can’t do that normally, then press and hold the power button for a while to turn it off forcefully.
  • After that, you need to bring out the battery. You’ll find two buttons on the back, slide them until you hear a click sound. Then, you can push the battery out of the laptop.
  • Wait for sometime as the power needs to drain out entirely from the laptop. Next, connect the battery back to the laptop and attach the power cable. Turn on your system and check the result.

Solution 2: Default Drivers Installation

If the power cycling doesn’t make any change, then you can use this method to get rid of the keyboard issue. Default drivers are the built-in drivers that can be used when your laptop can’t find the proper drivers. To install the default drivers go through the below instructions:

  • Launch Run application using the touchpad or any other external keyboard. Then, type ‘devmgmt.msc’ in the dialog box and hit Enter.
  • When the Device Manager opens, locate Keyboards. Expand it and right-click on the keyboard. Then, select Uninstall device from the menu.
  • After the completion of uninstalling the driver, restart your device properly. The system will recognize that the keyboard driver isn’t present and will install the default driver automatically.

In case if there is a yellow exclamation mark on the keyboard icon, then you need to update the driver and install it manually online.

Solution 3: Change Ease Of Access

You can easily find the Ease of Access settings in your Windows 10 system. Sometimes due to misconfiguration of these settings, your laptop’s keyboard might cause problems and stop working. To disable these settings just follow the below steps:

  • Go to the search bar and type Ease of Access. Click on the application from the result.
  • Under the Ease of Access section, click on ‘Make the keyboard easier to use’ option.
  • Untick the checkbox against the following options:

“Turn on Mouse Keys”

“Turn on Sticky Keys”

“Turn on Toggle Keys”

“Turn on Filter Keys”

  • Now, just restart your laptop and then use the keyboard to see if the problem persists.

Alternate Solutions to Fix Dell Laptop Keyboard Not Working

After trying all the previous methods, if your Dell keyboard still not work then there is a chance that it might be due to hardware problems. If the software solutions didn’t work, then you can try these basic troubleshooting methods to fix this error:

  • Clean the keyboard and check whether there are no substances present inside.
  • If there are any edible items stuck inside the keyboard, then don’t forget to remove them.

So, these are the best solutions that can help you to resolve the Dell laptop keyboard not working issue and make your keyboard function properly.