Fix Canon Printer Not Responding Issue

Canon printers are known for delivering excellent quality prints, but with time, many Canon printer users encounter problems with their devices. While they are performing some important task in their printers or trying to print a document using Canon printer, they are often receiving the ” Canon wireless printer not responding” error. This error is restricted to those users who are working under the LAN environment and using Windows 10. But apart from this, if you are using a wired connection for your printer, there are some other errors as well which occur in it.

Possible Causes Of Canon Printer Not Responding Windows 10:


While the users are attempting to print, if their Canon printer is not responding or displaying Canon printer not responding Windows 10 error, it can be very annoying. Because the moment you get this error, it restricts your printer to print any further. We have made a thorough investigation to find out the exact cause behind the occurrence of this error in your Canon printer.

Therefore, after proper research, we have provided a list of some of the prominent causes which can trigger this error in your Canon printer:

  • During the initial setup, an incorrect access point was selected
  • With a mistaken or improper port, the printer driver is incorrectly configured
  • Any third-party firewall is interfering with the Canon printer software
  • Antivirus software is causing complications with the printer software

Effective Methods To Fix Canon Printer Not Responding


At present, if you encounter Canon wireless printer not responding, then you can follow the potential methods given below to fix it quickly. You can try them out one by one to fix the error instantly. If you have some technical knowledge about the printers or if you get to identify the cause behind this error, you can directly skip to that step and leave all other methods which are not applicable.

Method 1: Reboot the network connection


At first, make sure that the network connectivity of your Canon printer is the same as that of your computer and is properly connected. Apart from this, if you are using a wired connection, check out the cables, whether they are properly connected or not. The best and easiest way to identify and solve this is to plug out the power cable from your router or modem physically. Then, restart both the printer as well as your network connection.

There is an alternative method to do this but you can perform this step if and only if you are confident. You need to reset your home network by making proper use of the Reset Button.


Method 2: Disable the third-party firewall


If the error occurs due to an overprotective firewall, then you can try out this method to resolve the error. There are some dedicated firewalls like Comodo Free Firewall or ZoneAlarm Free and certain third-party Antivirus suites like Avira and McAfee, which commonly generate this error. Actually, it has been found after investigation that these Antivirus solutions block the “Spooler subsystem app”. Thus, it makes the wireless network connection non-functional.

Many users have also reported that by uninstalling the security suite or by disabling the firewall function, the issue can be resolved because these have been responsible for filtering the connections. Though disabling the third-party application is a highly specific procedure, there are some easy solutions which you can try out. At first, you need to go to Programs and Features and uninstall the application from there. For performing this method, you should open a Run dialogue box by pressing Windows key and R together. Then, type appwiz.cpl in it and press the Enter button on your keyboard.

As soon as you get to the Programs and Features window, right-click on it to locate the 3rd party application. After that, select the Uninstall option to remove it from your system. After the uninstallation of the dedicated antivirus, Windows Firewall will automatically proceed to monitor your incoming as well as outgoing connections. But if this method fails, move on to the next alternative.

Method 3: By using the Printer Troubleshooter


By launching the Printer Troubleshooter successfully, one can fix Canon printer not responding. For that, you need to open the Run box by pressing Windows key+R and type control.exe in it. After that, just hit on the Enter button for opening the Windows Troubleshoot. After entering into the Windows Troubleshoot window, scroll to find out the Printer option. Then, click on it. Next, select the option ” Run the troubleshooter.”

Furthermore, you have to wait until the detection of the issue related to the printer driver. Once the inconsistencies are found, you have to follow the repair strategies to resolve the issue. For that, you have to click on the option “Apply this fix”. Complete the procedure by following the instructions provided on-screen. At last, restart your computer to check whether the issue persists or not.

Method 4: By uninstalling the Canon Drivers


Many Canon technicians use this method to fix Canon printer not responding issue. This process involves the usage of the dedicated uninstaller to uninstall the printer drivers by inserting the WEP key. After that, from the official website, you have to do a proper installation of the compatible and updated Canon drivers.  

Follow the instructions provided below to perform this:

  • Open a Run dialogue box by pressing Windows key and R together
  • Type “DELDRV64.EXE” in the dialogue box
  • Click on Enter to open the Canon uninstaller and then follow the prompts you are receiving on-screen. This will effectively remove the driver from your system.

For completing the further process, you need to restart your computer. Then, enter the WEP key of your wireless network on your Canon printer. In the meantime, ensure that you have properly connected the printer to the network. After that, you have to download the appropriate printer driver from the manufacturer’s website. Then, open the driver installer and complete the installation process by following the prompts. At last, you again have to restart the device to verify the complete resolution of the issue.

Hope that the above steps would be helpful in resolving the Canon wireless printer not responding issue in an appropriate manner quickly.