Simple Ways To Fix Dell Laptop Won’t Turn On

You turn on your Dell laptop and eventually noticed that no lights are blinking, and even no fan blowing, meant it is just dead. Connecting it to power socket also doesn’t help? No need to worry. If your Dell laptop won’t turn on, go through this article and solve it on your own. But before going to the troubleshooting steps, you need to know the likely reason behind this error. So, let’s have a look at the possible reasons for which you may get stuck with the issue.

Factors Responsible For Dell Laptop Won’t Turn On

The causes of the Dell laptop screen won’t come on the problem may be various, and we are capable of resolving all your issues and queries by providing the finest and exact solutions. Take a glance at the culprits for this issue.

Power supply and chargerIf there is some glitch in your Dell chargers, or if your power supply is disrupted, then LED lights on the laptops will not turn on and your Dell laptop won’t power on.

Flea power. It is the conserved power that remains in your power supply or circuits. It works even if you are not connected with any kind of power supply. When you use your laptop static electricity or flea power, the electricity might get accumulated on the circuits. This might disrupt the normal performance of your Dell laptop.

Overheating or ventilationWhen a graphics card or a processor becomes overheated, then you might notice that your machine will shut down all of a sudden to prevent any further damage to the system. Due to this reason also, your Dell laptop won’t turn on.

If you search for “Dell laptop screen won’t turn on”, you are likely to see that there is a major problem in either the CPU or the motherboard of your device. But, before you become too sure of it here is a list of the so-called symptoms that usually go hand in hand when the Dell laptop screen won’t turn on.

Common Symptoms You Might Encounter

Dell Inspiron laptop won’t turn on when your laptop halts at the Window logo screen.  This happens while booting into the Operating System. Most commonly, you will experience this issue where you find the status of HDD activity LED and power LED are normal and fan noise is heard. In the worst case, you will get black or blank screen with a blinking cursor on the top-left corner of the screen. Also, your entire device could become unstable and even your laptop will repeatedly turn on and off.  Moreover, you will get the Windows BSOD error message as well.

Wish To Fix Your Dell laptop screen won’t turn on Issue?

Several Dell laptop users have reported that at times, they can’t turn on their laptop. If you also struggling with the same issue, then you can follow the below instructions as well as some advanced techniques. It will help you to fix this issue by yourself.

Procedure 1: Check Power Supply And Charger

In order to resolve the Dell laptop related issue, you need to check the power supply first. To check it, you need to do:

To check the power supply, you need to change the power source where the adapter is connected. Then, if you notice any light comes on the charger, with the chargers there is an indicator if there is any power. If you didn’t find any light, then we recommended trying a different charger.

Procedure 2: Drain Flea Power

In order to drain the flea power, you need to do these easy things:

At first, remove the power code. Then, remove the battery. After this, press the power button for about 30 seconds. Now, connect the AC adapter and then try to supply the power without the battery.

Procedure 3: Solve The Overheating Problem

When a graphics card or processor is overheating then you may notice your system will shut down all of a sudden. Then, you might be stuck with the Dell laptop screen won’t turn on error. So, here’s you need to do:

Step #1: Primarily, you need to make sure that your Dell laptop is in a ventilated place. Moreover, you need to check, nothing is blocking the vents.

Step #2: Besides, you need to use a can of compressed air to blow vents to the fan, which might dislodge the dust.

Note- Remember, do not blow directly. Because this can create the fan to spin faster than intended.

These are some of the most prominent techniques which can help you to fix the Dell laptop not opening issue. Apply them in an instant and let us know what worked for you. If you know about any other ways to resolve the problem then let us know in the comments below.