Fix Facetime Camera Not Working In Macbook: Ultimate Guide

Macbook is the most preferred brand of notebook manufactured by Apple. Even then it is also not free from the frequent glitches. Facetime camera not working MacBook is one of those common errors you can encounter. If you have already faced so and don’t know how to eradicate the error, then follow the article till the end. This frustrating error can occur due to internal glitches in the camera. But you can troubleshoot it with several hacks.

Hacks To Troubleshoot Facetime Camera Not Working Error

Here, experts have provided more than one hacks to troubleshoot this issue quickly. Try to follow all of them. It is recommended not to jump any of the steps.

Method 1: Check The Status Of Camera

You can troubleshoot this error by checking the status of the camera. In this case, try to check the details of the camera.

  • At first, try to unplug the Firewire cable from the computer and the camera. After that wait for sometime. Now, plug back the camera and computer.  
  • You can also try to check the system file profiler to detect the iSight camera.

If the error still pursues, then follow the next method given below.

Method 2: Using Force Quit

You can also troubleshoot this error using force quit from the command line option. To perform so,

  1. At first, quit from all applications which use the camera.
  2. Now, go to the launchpad and from that option go to the Terminal option.
  3. Now, enter the command: sudo killall VDCAssistant and hit Enter.
  4. After this process, reopen your camera and check the status of the error.

If it persists, then focus on the next step.

Method 3: Install The Latest Software Update

If you are using an outdated version of camera software, then also you can face this kind of errors with your MacBook. To resolve this issue, you can also install the latest version of the application. In this case, visit the manufactures website and download and install the updates.

Method 4: Set Date And Time

If you are encountering this error due to incorrect date and time settings. On that note, you can try to change date and time settings using the following steps.

  1. Go to the Menu and go to the System Preferences to click on Date and Time.
  2. After that, select “Set date and time automatically”.
  3. Now, click on the Timezone and make sure that you have set correct settings.

Method 5: Sign In To Apple ID

Once you face this error then initially, make sure that you have signed into your Apple ID. If you are not signed in, sign in at first. After that restart your device and check the status of the camera. If you could not overcome this issue then go for the next method.

Method 6: Using Activity Monitor

You can also troubleshoot this issue using Activity monitor. To do so,

  1. Close any apps that use the camera.
  2. Open the Activity Monitor app through the /Applications/ Utility folder.
  3. Click on the top left column where it will say “Process Name” to put the list in alphabetical order.
  4. Find VDC Assistant in the list and click on it. Click on the “X” icon on the top left to close the process.