How To Fix Sound Not Working On HP Laptop : A Quick Fix

HP laptops are considered to be one of the best because of its versatility and fast performance. They can be used both from home and offices. With their unmatched quality, HP laptop is taking over the world, but unlike any other device, HP also has its faults. One of its error or issues is its sound. HP laptop sound not working is a problem that needs it fixes done at the right time before it starts to damage more to the device. In case you relate to this no sound issues with your HP laptop, then following some troubleshooting steps should resolve the issue. There are various alternatives to sort the problem out some of the prominent ones are mentioned below. So, keep reading this article and solve this error on your own.

Apparent Causes For HP Sound Not Working:

There are a number of reasons behind this Hp laptop sound not working issue. In that case, you need to solve each and every reason shortly. But, before that take a glance at the culprits for this issue.

The audio driver is damaged or removed during Windows 10 update. Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 update would delete any applications or drivers that are not compatible. So, you may encounter this error.

Furthermore, the audio driver or the sound driver has outdated, and it is unable to work correctly. So, you stuck with the HP laptop sound not working Windows 10 issue.

Besides, there is a constant change in the sound settings while installing Windows 10. At times, you may face, the HP laptop sound not working.

Moreover, this sound related issue may occur due to the output device. Resulting, you may come across the HP laptop sound not working Windows 10 issue.

Additionally, if you’re getting no sound from the HP laptop, then this issue might be with the voice control. Accidentally, you may mute speakers which intern triggers this audio output problem.

These are the common factors that may cause of the Hp laptop sound not working issue. If you do not know the proper reason, then determining the root cause behind the occurrence of the Hp laptop no sound Windows 10 might take a great deal of time.

Easy Fixes For HP Laptop Sound Not Working

There are a number of ways you can use, to deal with the no sound issue. But, to ease up the process, we have provided the most simple yet prominent troubleshooting steps.

Method 1: Check The Speaker

It’s likely your speaker just working, but the sound is not working. In that case, you need to take a glace at the speakers and check if there is any dust or dirs on the speaker. If you see any dust, then take a cotton swab or soft brush and clean the speaker properly.

Method 2: Check The Headphone Jack

If you conncet any headphone to your system then it may be an issue of the headphone jack. In that case, you need to clean the jacks with a cotton swab or soft brush.

Apart from that, it can be an issue with your headphone. In that case, you need to try a different headphone. If it works then you have to replace the same with new one.

Method 3: Check If The Audio Is Muted

In some circumstances, the audio might be muted, and as a result, you get no sound output from your laptop. So, you need to check whether the audio muted or not. To do so, simply select the Sound icon and then toggle between Mute and Sound. Now, you can drag the volume-medium to the maximum. Now, check if the no sound problem persists then you need to check out the next method.

Method 4: Reset The Audio Device As Default

At times, due to misconfiguration, you may not be getting any sound from your device. So, you need to reset the settings back to default. To do that, simply follow the steps.

  • At first, go to the Volume icon at the bottom right corner and right-click on it. Then, click on the Playback Devices.
  • After this, you need to verify your audio device in the Playback tab. There make sure you checked the option. Now, make sure that your audio device is set as the Default Playback Devices.
  • If you see the audio is not set as the Default device then, select the Set Default option. Now, press the Ok button to save the changes.

Method 5: Switch The Audio Format

If your audio device is set as Default and you still stuck with the same problem, then you need to change the audio format. To do it, right-click on the Volume icon first, then select the Playback Devices button. After this, choose your audio device in the playback and then simply hit the Properties button. Now, select the Advanced and then in the default format, simply select a different auto rate. After that, you need to select the Test button and play an audio to test the sound. Until you find a proper audio format, you can repeat this process. Once you find the accurate audio format, simply press the Ok button to save the changes.

Method 6: Turn On The Sound Device

In Device Manager, if the sound device is disabled then you may be stuck with the HP sound not working issue. In that case, enabling the option might do the trick for you.

So, primarily, you need to go to the Device Manager and double-click on the Sound, video and game controllers to expand it. Now, if you see any down arrow on the volume icon then its a clear indication that the sound device is turned off / disabled. At such time, simply right-click on the device amd press the Enable Device button. If there is no down arrow, then you can make sure that your sound device is enabled. After enabling the option, now you need to check, if you still stuck with no sound from the HP laptop then try the next method.

Method 7: Restore The Original Audio Driver

If accidentally you change the sound settings, then you may get no sound from your HP laptop. To fix this problem, you can restore the original audio driver. Restoring the original audio driver can reset the settings immediately.

To do that, go to the Start icon and enter Recovery and then choose the Recovery Manager from the list. Now, when prompted grant the permission to continue. Now, you will see the Hp Recovery Manager; there you need to select the Advanced Options button. Now, you will enter the Advanced Options window where you should click on the Hardware Driver Re-installation option. Then, press the Next button and choose the Audio Or Sound Driver to reinstall it. Now, hit the Next button and wait for about 5 minutes to finish the installing process. When done, simply press the Finish button and select the Restart. Once the system resumes, the original audio driver will automatically installed.

Method 8: Reinstall The Audio Drivers

Due to the corrupted audio diver, you may encounter HP laptop sound not working. In that case, you need to uninstall the existed audio diver and install a new driver. To do that, simply follow the below steps:

To uninstall the audio driver:

Step #1: In order to uninstall the existed audio drivers, you need to go to the Start icon and then open the Control Panel.

Step #2: Then, select the Hardware & Sound. After this, go to the Device Manager.

Step #3: Now, expand the category and select the items you want to uninstall.

Step # 4: Once you select the item, now, right-click on the device and hit the Uninstall button.

To install a new audio driver:

Step #1: Once you uninstall the existing audio driver, now click on the Windows icon and in the search box, enter Device Manager.

Step #2: Then, hit the Enter and simply, double-click on sound, video, and game controllers.

Step #3: Now, find the driver and double click on it. Then, press the Install button to install the new driver properly.

At this point, restart your device and check, if the HP sound is not working issue still persists then you need to update the divers as soon as possible.

Method 9: Update The Sound Driver

After reinstalling, if you stuck with the same problem, then we recommend consider updating the audio driver. It may resolve this issue in an instant. To do that, simply follow the instruction:

  • Begin with the Start button and then search for the Device Manager.
  • Once you find it, you need to choose the top result to open the latter.
  • Now, you need to Expand the category with the hardware that you want to update.
  • Then, right-click on the device and then press the Update Driver button.
  • Furthermore, you need to look for Browse my computer for driver software option.
  • Once you have done, simply click on that button and hit the Browse option.

Going through this guide, you will find it greatly beneficial and easy for the methods we carefully sorted out for you. If you have any other queries, feel free to comment below.