Dell Support Assistant Not Working – Probable Reasons With Accurate Solutions

Dell is one of the most popular brands of laptops, notebooks, and desktops. Its brilliant features and smooth functioning have attracted the users. Despite such features, users often encounter severe glitches with their Dell devices and try to find out ways to fix problems like Dell Support Assist not working issue. In case you are struggling with the same issue, then you can read the article properly to get rid of the issue.

Dell Support Assist is nothing but the first proactive and predictive support solution for your systems and tablets. Apart from that, Support Assist also able to calculate the health of yours. Moreover, it will also maintain the storage space.

Whenever we talk about brands, Dell comes first in our mind. Dell products are user-friendly and come up with brilliant features. In spite of being one of the best laptop brands, it too creates serious issues that sometimes interrupt us with our daily work.

This article provides the reason causing the Dell Support Assist not working issue and the natural ways to resolve it.

Reasons Behind Dell Support Assist Not Working Issue

If the system of the user is upgraded to the latest version of the Windows, then the user may face the issue. More specifically, if the user upgrades the version from Windows 7 or basic version to Windows 10. Also, if the Dell Support Center or MyDell programs are not upgraded to Support Assistant, then at that time the application may not start or may be uninstalled by Windows during the upgrade procedure.

Accurate solution For Dell Support Assist Not Working Issue

There is very less solution available for the particular issue. Have a look at the basic methods to resolve the issue.

Solution: 1- Uninstall The Dell Support Center

In this particular procedure, you have to uninstall the Dell Support Center, to do so go to Programs and Features. After you have completed the uninstallation procedure, you have to delete files and folders associated with the Dell Support Center or Dell Support Assistant.

If you follow the steps then you will know the procedure to do it on your Windows version. This procedure is valid for all the versions of Windows.

  • First, press both the Windows logo and R button simultaneously.
  • Then write ‘appwiz.cpl’ and after that hit the Enter option in order to open the Programs and Features.
  • Then, locate the Dell Support Center or Dell SupportAssist.
  • After that, Right click on the Dell Support Center or Dell SupportAssist to uninstall and wait until Windows completed its removing procedure of the Dell Support Center or Dell Support Assistant.
  • Now, press both the Windows logo and E simultaneously to open File Explorer or Windows Explorer
  • At the middle left side of the window, you can see This PC or My Computer option. Then locate the following location mentioned below.

C:\Program Files and then remove the Dell Support Center or Dell SupportAssist folder from your system.

  • After that, find the following location C:\Users\*Your_Username*\AppData\Local\Temp to delete all the data inside the temp folder.
  • Then go to the location C:\Users\*YOUR USERNAME*\AppData\Roaming in order to delete PCDR folder.
  • Now, reboot your Windows system.
  • Finally, you can work on your Windows machine without any kind of problem.

Solution: 2- Delete Cache Files

As we know that system cache often leads to Dell Support Assistant not responding issue. To clear the system cache you can follow the steps written below.

  • Press both the Windows and R key simultaneously to open the Run window.
  • Then type ‘%temp%’ and ‘prefetch’ to open the cache folders.
  • Then press Ctrl and A together to select all the cache files and press Shift and Delete to all the system cache.

Solution: 3- Try A System Restore

We already know about the System Restore so many times. Often, system restore can help users to resolve how to fix Dell Support Assist not working issue. Please keep one thing in your mind that, you are not able to restore your Windows device to the previous state if System Restore is turned off.

Solution: 4- Update Windows Again

Only some of the users have solved their bugs by installing their Windows again and Dell Support Center or Dell SupportAssist. To do so you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • At first, you will need to do a full system backup of your data. Now, to do a backup you can use an external hard disk along with a connector.
  • Otherwise, you can also use iCloud.
  • After completion of your backup procedure, you can easily able to install your Operating Systems again along with driver installation and other applications.


We hope that after going through the above-mentioned procedure then you may able to solve the Dell Support Assist not working problem. In the future, if you face the problem again in your system, then you can go through our website for more details.


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