[Fixed] Epson Printer Not Printing Error

Are you struggling to fix Epson printer not printing issue? It may seem that your printer ink is just not in the mood to function when you are in ardent need to print a file. In that case, even several printer forums are not quite able to derive a clear resolution to fix the issue. Hence, you are sure to seek some prominent measures that will get you out of the Epson printer not working issue. In order to help you out with the same, we have a list of all the possible technical derivatives that can give you ultimate assurance while working with your printing device.

Starting From The Basics: Epson Printer Not Printing

  1. Switch off your printer and unplug it from the power source. Along with that, also remember to disconnect all the cable connections that are in connection to your printing machine. Wait for a moment and reconnect it back into the port before turning it on.
  1. Go through a Quality Diagnostic Report and derive the Print Test Page that will help you to check for the working condition of your device. The options for the same will appear on your display screen or you may also check for the printer guide.
  1. Look for the ink levels on your printer and give a check to the ink volume that is built within the cartridge. In case you are using some aftermarket cartridge, you may be able to see the ink levels on your device. Hence, it will not be able to provide you with an exact figure to determine the ink cartridges and its fault section.

Analyze Your Ink Cartridge

  • Check which of the ink cartridge is low on ink or else empty. Make sure to replace them with a filled or a new one.
  • The ink cartridges should be snapped into their proper slot. This is to make sure that the installation process gets completed without any heckling.
  • Make sure to remove the tape from the vent before you try to install a new cartridge into its right slot.
  • It is also quite important to make sure if any of the vents are fully or even partially clogged. If so, then take a pin and carefully and clean the clogged vent to remove any element that can be a risk for the device.


In order to make sure that your printing is able to identify the respective cartridge, you must always use a separate ink cartridge. In case your printer is used to function in consideration with an old cartridge, install the old cartridge once more. This will enable you to see if the printer is producing some sort of output.


The main concern in this regard is to check which of the two cartridges or printhead is causing the disturbance. In case your printer is working fine with the old cartridge, then the issue is certainly not with the printhead. Thus, you need to check twice upon the new black cartridge and see if it is the one that is on the fault. If so, then make the necessary steps to replace it from the scene and you are good to go.

About The PrintHead

Step 1

In case switching ink cartridges fails to bring out the optimum results, you may need to check out your printhead. For this, the very first thing that you will need to check is if your printheads are clogged or not. A huge number of printers come with an additional printhead cleaning feature and Epson printers are certainly one of those. However, it also seeks careful administration for removing the printhead out of the slot. Once you are done with this step, you will be able to clean up this space manually.

Step 2

Check if the automatic printhead feature for its cleaning is working fine. It will make your task simpler. However, if it fails to work accurately, try to run it several times. In this case, also remember that there is a certain limit for which you are allowed to run the automatic feature. Thus, you are allowed to access it beyond. Also, note that the automatic feature is not always workable. This is because it uses too much ink than you are certainly willing to spend it upon to cleanse.

Step 3

After checking the above part, realign the printer altogether and see if the issue is resolved. In short, check, if the Epson printer not responding issue gets over and your device is working fine.

Additional Tips to SolveĀ Not Printing Error

If the issue is not a part of both cartridge as well as the printhead, then the final thing that you need to look upon is the software or the printer driver. In order to fix this, you can try to tweak the paper settings. Apart from that, also try to change the printer driver settings by selecting the “glossy photo paper”. This will help to trigger the printer and force it to start spinning twice to relaunch the feature.

Note that the above step is only applicable if your printer has only got two black cartridges. Among which, one is dye-based and the other is pigmented. Choose the type of black ink that is in accordance with the type of that you have selected. Black pigment works best among rest of the types and it gels well with the type of paper. On the other hand, the glossy one works well with the dye ink. Hence, it will greatly help the device to switch from one device to another thereby, giving you a route to trigger the black cartridge out of the printer.

If all the above methods fail to succeed, then reconfigure your printer. It is the only step outlined that should be the ultimate revolutionary step. Give a try to all the above and this will certainly work well to upgrade your device.