HP Laptop Keyboard Not Working | Quick Guide

HP is abbreviated as Hewlett-Packard is among the common using brands of Laptops, Printers, and Keyboards. However, at the time of using your laptop if you ever encountered HP laptop keyboard not working issue, then nothing to worry. As here we have addressed the best possible ways to resolve the problem for you.

Get The Effective Ways To Fix This HP Laptop Keyboard Not Working Issue

Follow the solutions one after the other. Anyone of it may resolve this error.

Part 1: Reinstall Your Keyboard Driver

If your keyboard driver gets crashed due to some unpredictable issues then it may be the reason for which the HP keyboard not working might be occurring. Then the best way to deal with it is to reinstall the keyboard driver.

To start with, first, go to the Start menu bar and then search for Control Panel and then hit Enter. Now it will open the Control Panel window and you need to change the view to the Large icons by dropping down the menu. After that click on Device Manager and then scroll down until you find the Keyboard option. Upon finding double click on it to expand. Next, it will show your keyboard driver, then select it and right click on it. This will generate an option box, select on Uninstall. Then you will visit a prompted window which will warn you and you need to select OK. After doing this your system will restart. Wait until your system turns on, this will automatically reinstall your keyboard driver.

Now check whether the HP laptop keyboard, not working problem get sorted and if not then proceed to the next part.

Note: If you have set a password to your laptop to open then you can use the virtual keyboard of your laptop. And this will be displayed beside the password screen

Part 2: Verify Your Keyboard Settings

In some cases, you may find that whatever you are typing from your keyboard it is not printing the same on your screen. So you need to make the changes of your keyboard settings to make it correct.

And to do this follow the process as below.

At first, go to the Windows search tab and then search for Settings and hit Enter to open the settings window. After that choose the Time & language section. Then from the left pane select Region & language. By doing this you will see the Settings which are already set. And then go to the Options tab which will present near to the Add a language section. After that, you can see the keyboard language settings. Now choose Settings and then check whether it is in the format which was actually present in your laptop Keyboard. Otherwise, change it to default. In general QWERTY is the format.

Part 3: Use An External Keyboard

If any of these does not work well for you to resolve this issue, then you can use an external keyboard. And to do this, at first it is better to shut down your system. And then connect your external keyboard to your laptop.

These are the processes which you may follow to resolve this HP laptop keyboard not working problem.