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All the operational or functional problem with printers are likely to show up in the worse time. HP Printers are not an exception in this regard. In fact, ‘HP Printer Not Printing’ is one such issue that users are facing frequently. However, there no need to ruffle yet. Even though the problem sounds pretty complicated, yet fixing the issue should not take long.

Fortunately, following the quick steps listed in this article should bring you a positive outcome. But before that, the existing reason for printer not being able to print at all should be discussed. For a fact, knowing the problem in detail you are dealing with, might help you to resolve it with ease.

So, let’s talk about the problem itself, and the reasons that might be causing your printer to perform slowly or even not to work at all.

Factors Causing HP Printer Won’t Print Issue

Printers are the most essential device and important when they work perfectly. On the contrary, when they fail to perform as they normally do, the situation can get worse.  As a matter of fact, there could be a number of reasons that can trigger the issue to a large extent.

Let’s talk about the probable reasons and the most common one. So that it will be easier for you to follow the steps mentioned below.

Sometimes, the issues can be too generic. It can range from the paper jamming to dried ink. When the printer fails to print, first, you need to check the printer for any ripped paper or dust particles. Due to this, the printer might refuse to print. In case you are using an inkjet printer and the same is being in use for a long time then in that case, the nozzle can block the printing.

Even the cartridge problems can as well cause this issue. Sometimes, ink cartridge issue can lead to unable to print problem. Speaking of that, the faulty printer driver can be a big contributor to this problem. Drivers are the essential part, as they act as the mediator between hardware device and software to accomplish a job.

Further, misalignment of the paper tray can be another reason in this regard. If the papers are not aligned properly then this problem won’t be an alien to you. So, each time before assigning a printing job, checking the paper setting and the tray can help you to ditch the HP Printer Not Printing Issue.

These are not the only reason for printing problem, however, these are the most prominent ones. So, now the reasons are clear enough to start with the solutions part.

Without further ado, let’s get into the solution.

Ways To Resolve HP Printer Not Printing Anything Problem

Among all other ways to resolve Printer issue, these are the most suitable one. Moreover, the steps are pre-tested, so that, you can follow the same easily. Following the steps mentioned below should bring you the desired result.

1.Start With Basic Troubleshooting

When you face this problem for the first time, you should start looking from the very basic before straightaway going to the solutions. Hence, first, check all the connection status through which the printer is connected to your computer. Also, make sure all the connection are set properly. If your printer is running on a wireless connection, then consider reconnecting the same.

You can as well try restarting the HP printer. In most of the cases, restarting the printer resolves the issue in the first place. To do that, first, turn off your printer completely. Then, remove all the power cords and all other cables connected to it. Leave the printer for a couple of minutes. Then, after some time, connect all the cords back and turn on the printer.

See, if the unable to print problem resolves. In case the problem still persists, then check the next step.

2. Update The Printer Driver and Reinstall

The printer driver is another reason that could bring serious damage to your printer’s performance. Certainly, this is the most common one as well. In most of the cases, the printer is not able to print issue triggers from the corrupted or outdated drivers. In such circumstances, updating the driver to the latest version should resolve the issue in the first place.

Follow the steps to update the printer driver:

First, go to the Windows search bar, in the bottom left corner of the window. From there, navigate to the Device manager, by searching the same in the Search Field.

Alternatively, you can use the Run window to open the Device Manager directly. Press the Windows key + R simultaneously and in the search box type in ‘devmgmt.msc’ and press Enter. It will open the Device Manager window.

In the Device Manager window, locate the HP Printer and then upon clicking on it expand the window. See the available driver, if it’s outdated then it will be marked as a yellow exclamation mark.

Right-click on the driver and from the menu that pops up, choose the option “Update Driver Software”. When prompted, click on the option “Search automatically for driver software”. After that, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the task.

3. Set The HP Printer As Default

Whenever you send a document to print. By default, the system sends it to the default printer. So, if you haven’t set your HP Printer as default printer then, it won’t be able to print the documents.

If you want to set your printer as a default printer, then you can follow the instructions mentioned below.

First, you need to expand the Control Panel window. You can press the Windows Key and R button together to invoke the Run Dialog window.  In the typing box, type in ‘Control’ to open the Control Panel.

In the Control Panel window, select the option “Devices and Printers”. In the printer section, find and select the HP Printer. Then, right-click on it and choose set as default from the menu. Now, you need to click on ‘Yes’ when prompted.

You will be notified when the printer sets to default with a green tick mark below your HP Printer.

4. Remove All The Printing Job

Though it sounds simple, this could be another big reason for triggering HP Printer Not Printing issue. The print queue may include failed or rejected printing jobs. Which intern leads to unable to print HP printer issue. So, to mitigate the issue you can simply clear out the printing jobs assigned to the system.

To do that:

Navigate to the Control Panel and from there go to “Devices and Printers” option.  Following the above-mentioned steps, go to the Printer and right-click on it. Then, choose “See What’s Printing” option.

Open the Pinter menu and then open as Administrator. Again open the Printing menu and this time select “Cancel all documents”. To complete the process you need to confirm your action. Now, see if the printer is able to perform normally.

5. Check The Status Of Your HP Printer

Even after trying all the steps mentioned above if the Printer is still not being able to print, then it means there’s something wrong with the printer hardware.

At this point, you need to check all the hardware possibilities. For instance, check whether the paper jamming issue is restricting the print. Or the printer has enough ink. Check if the cartridge is set properly. Due to these reasons, the HP printer might as well refuse to print.  If everything appears to be good then you should not face any problem printing from HP Printer.

So, this is all about the HP Printer Won’t Print issue. Following these steps, you should be able to resolve the issue in no time on your own. In case of any disruption, you can write it down in the comment section below. We would be happy to interact with you. Thanks for reading.

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