HP Printer Offline Windows 10 :Check Out Methods That Can Turn It Online

The issue of HP printer offline Windows 10 can bother you more when your WiFi connection is on, still you can’t take out any printout. It can be very annoying when you have to print something for an important task and your printer status is ‘Offline’. If you are getting this error, you are not alone to get stuck with your printing machine that refuses to turn online. As there are other HP printer users bugged by this same error and looking for technical fixes. So, go through this article if you are looking for effective solutions to resolve this printer problem and get it back to ‘Online’ mode. Here, you can learn a few reasons for which your HP printer can turn offline. Also, you can check out the solutions discussed in this article and try them to make your printer work properly again.

Ways To Resolve HP Printer Offline Error On Windows 10

If your HP printer is displaying its status as ‘Offline’, it will not allow your computer to communicate with the printing machine. Also, if there is any printing task left on your side, you will not be able to execute it properly without turning the printer online. So, if you are getting this printer issue, especially when you connect it to a Windows 10 based PC, you may be quite confused. As it is impossible to determine whether the problem is occurring due to issues with the HP printer or Windows 10 installation. So, before you check out the solutions that can turn your printer’s status from ‘Offline’ to ‘online’, go through a few causes of this error.

Possible Reasons Why Your HP Printer Can Turn Offline On Windows 10

  1. There can connectivity errors when you connect your printer to your PC that is already offline. So, even if the connection is proper between both the devices, you can still see your printer in Offline Mode.
  2. If you are using Windows 10 based system to connect to your HP printer, make sure to apply the recent Windows updates periodically. As this error can occur due to outdated printer drivers that are not compatible with the Windows 10 version.
  3. Many HP printer users forget to select their devices as the default printing machine. So, if you have connected your printer to a PC but didn’t set it as your default printer, it might show Offline Mode.
  4. Some users are even experiencing this problem if the network server is down and the printer can’t detect any wireless network.
  5. Sometimes, if your printing machine is having any technical issue including a hardware defect, it can refuse to become online.

Apply These Solutions To Make Your HP Printer Online

If you want to turn your printer online, check out the following solutions that can bring it out of its Offline Mode.

Solution 1: Secure The Printer Connection On Windows 10

Whenever you see the status of your HP printer as offline, it points out that the connection is not right between your PC and the printing machine. If the connection is wired, then check for tears or damage issues in the USB cable and power cord connected to your printer.

Also, if it is connected to the Ethernet port, fix connectivity issues between your printer and the router device. If the connection is loose, then also it can show offline mode. So, make sure to use cables that will stick to the socket and aren’t too old or damaged. For wireless connection, check whether the WiFi option is on and also your printer is within the recommended network range.

Solution 2: Apply Latest Drivers For Your HP Printer

You can follow this method to update firmware for HP printers that are connected to Windows 10 devices. To apply this solution, first, ensure that your printer is turned on and using a proper USB cable to connect to your PC. Then, go to the website of HP and identify your printer model by typing its model number.

As you hit ‘Submit’ button, it will ask you to select the version of Windows on your device. So, click on ‘Windows 10’ and search for the updates on ‘Firmware’. If you find the necessary firmware from the list of programs, hit ‘Download’ tab and save the downloaded file to your computer.

Then, click on the HP printer drivers file and it will begin the installation process. After installing the driver, view the printer update window and look for the serial number of your HP device. If the serial number of your printer matches with the one on the display window, click on ‘Update’ button. In case you can’t view the serial number but your printer is using a network connection, then connect it to this PC and wait for about 20-30 seconds. Then, hit the Refresh button and wait for the serial number to display. As it appears on your HP printer update window, click ‘Update’.

Solution 3: Modify Printer Settings To Make It Online

When you allow Windows Update to install automatic updates for your HP printer, it may change printer settings. You may be unaware of this problem and it can further lead to printer showing offline mode. So, if you want to fix this error, switch off your printer for a while and then turn it on. Then hit ‘Windows+I’ buttons simultaneously and choose ‘Devices’. Then select ‘Devices and printers’ to view the HP printer on your Windows 10. Now right-click on the printer icon that has a green tick symbol on it. Then, click on ‘See what’s printing’.

If this icon appears gray with no green check/tick sign, then right-click on it and choose ‘Set as default printer’. Next, right click on this default printer and select ‘See what’s printing’. Then hit the Printer tab and see if the option of ‘Pause Printing’ is ticked. Also. check the same for the ‘Use Printer Offline’ option. To apply this solution, you need to hide these ticks from both these options. Then, try to print something with your HP printer and check if it is online.

Solution 4: Re-run Print Spooler Service

Your printer can show its status as offline if the Print Spooler service is not running or working properly. So, if this service is not running on your HP printer, make sure to run it first. Then decide whether to restart the Print Spooler process or not. So, hit the keys of the Windows logo and R at the same moment.

Then, write ‘services.msc’ in the run box and hit ‘OK’ button. As it displays the list of services running on your PC, locate the service of Print Spooler. Usually, you will see its status as ‘Running’. If you can’t view the status then right-click on the option of ‘Print Spooler’ and select ‘Start’. For users who have doubts whether this feature was running on their computer or not, you can click ‘Restart’. Now, check the status of your printer and see if it’s online.

Solution 5: Make Use Of A Second Printer

You can apply this method only if your HP printer is not using a USB cable but wireless network to connect to the PC. So, try to assign an IP address to your printing device manually. Then make use of the port on your computer to match it with the printer. Usually, you can get the details on the printer’s IP address through its device manual. In case you don’t have access to the printer manual, check it on the website of the HP printer manufacturer. Now, press ‘Windows + I’ keys at the same time and select ‘Devices’. Then, locate the default printer by clicking ‘Devices and printers’.

After this, right-click on the printer icon with green tick symbol and choose ‘Printer properties’. So, click the tab of ‘Ports’, select the option of ‘Add Port’ and hit ‘OK’ button. It will show ‘Standard TCP/IP Port’ under ‘Printer Ports’ section. So, click this port, select ‘New Port’ and it will display the setup wizard to add a new TCP/IP standard printer port. Click on ‘Next’ and you can see a page asking you to enter details of your printer.

So, type the IP address or printer name along with the port name in the boxes provided. Then, click ‘Next’ and see if the printer status is still showing offline mode. In case if the error persists and this second printer also refuses to be online, then search for advanced technical methods to resolve this issue.

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