How To Fix Mouse Lag Windows 10: Easy Hacks To Fix

Windows 10 requires system updates to maintain its performance levels and features in a regular manner. Every Windows updates relish new features to its users, but many times the users do not want the updated features. Sometimes the latest update can be difficult for the users to operate correctly. Mouse Lagging is one of the most problems faced by Windows 10 users. Although it’s not a major inconvenience yet it’s annoying to use a laptop with an inoperative mouse or touchpad.

If you are facing the same problem, then you need to resolve the issue. Otherwise, your computer gets damaged.

To correctly solve the issue you must know what are the reasons behind the matter briefly.

Follow the entire article that may help you to catch the issue quickly. Also, you will find some useful tips that will help you to resolve the error.

Sometimes the mouse freezes or refuses to work. Due to the driver issue, this error may occur. In this case, your system has problems in recognizing the correct program. Apart from this, other reasons are the virus effect in the system.

Exact Solution To Resolve Mouse Lag Windows 10

Here in this section, you will find the accurate hacks to fix the glitch quickly. Thus follow the steps mentioned below.

Solution One: Enable Mouse

Before making any drastic changes, make sure that your devices is connected with every internal part correctly, and the device is not in the disabled condition.

Follow the steps to reconnect the mouse or touchpad. To do so, at first, go to Windows Start menu open Settings. Now, choose the Devices option and open it. On the Devices window, select the Mouse & touchpad option. Now, click the Additional Mouse tap to open the Mouse Properties window and choose Device Settings. Navigate to the Devices window to check the hardware status, and click on Enable.

Solution Two: Update System Driver

Go to the Start and search for the Control Panel and select the Update and Security. Click on the Check for Update to see if there have any update for your device. When you are clicking on the Check for update, the new update will be download and install automatically.

After completing the installation, restart your laptop. Now go to the browser and visit the manufacturer’s official website. In the web page, you can see lots for drivers for 32bit and 64bit users with earlier to the latest version. Select a driver as per your system requires and download it, and again restart your computer.

Solution Three: Reinstall Mouse Driver

Sometimes a simple reinstalling the mouse driver can solve the issue as well. To do this follow the steps and then check if the mouse lagging issue gets resolved.

First, check the mouse itself. If your mouse performs flawlessly on other computers, then your mouse or mouse driver might be faulty.

First of all, press and hold the Windows key and X simultaneously from the keyboard. Now, tap on the down arrow and choose the option Device Manager and then tap on Enter key. Now, press on Mouse and other pointing devices. Then, again press the down arrow key to see the list of options. Now, navigate to Enter your mouse name and then hit the Enter key. After that, tap on the Tab button and Control key together to fetch Driver option and select Uninstall Device. Hit the Enter key again and if asked to restart your device, then again press the Enter key and let the device for restarting.

But in case if you do not select the restart option then go to the toolbar icon and next Device manager and select the option Scan for hardware changes by clicking on it. If the mouse is not still working, then press the F5 key, and by the process, the scan will start, and Windows will help you to reinstall the mouse driver.

Solution Four: Check Local Area Network (LAN) Settings

Seldom disabling LAN connection and using the wireless card for the internet surfing can also fix the error as well.

First, press and hold down the Windows key and R simultaneously on your keyboard, and type Control in the search bar and press Enter.

Now, hit on Tab and after that press the left arrow key to choose the Small icons as shown on your device’s screen, then press Enter.

  • Then, click on Tab until you highlight the option Network and Sharing Center.
  • Now select the icon Change adapter settings and then hit the Enter key.
  • After that, select Tab until you can see your LAN card and finally, tap on the Enter key. Now, choose the Disable option and hit on the Enter key.

But if you want to get back the LAN connection then Enable it and press the Enter key for once more time.

Solution Five: Review Device Manager

In case if still, the issue is not solved then, the Windows Device Manager can help you to know the details of hardware queries and update drivers.

For instance, if a machine displays a yellow mark or red X, then it indicates that the error is associated with software or hardware. Follow the steps below to identify the device manager’s touchpad.

Go to the Windows Start menu and type in Device Manager in the search bar and press the Enter. Now the Device Manager screen will open in front of you, where you need to find and then double click on the Mice and other pointing devices, located under the My Computer. Navigate to the Touchpad option to right click on and then click on the Update Driver Software to save the new changes.

Solution Six: Inbuilt Corrupt Windows 10 Files

The other probable reason for mouse freezing is corrupt operating system files. When the mouse stops working, then you need to perform an Operating System repair installation. To install a repair, you need to access a recovery partition on the hard drive or use the Operating System install disk.

Solution Seven: Disable Cortana

Sometimes Cortana can create issues including mouse lagging Windows 10. So you need to disable the Cortana in your device. At first, go to “Computer Configuration.” Then, choose “Administrative Templates” and then Windows Components. Now go to the Search option. On the right side of the screen find “Allow Cortana” setting and double-click it. Now fix the option “Allow Cortana” as “Disabled” and next tap on “OK.”

Hopefully, by following the steps, you can quickly fix the glitch.

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