Windows Has Stopped This Device Code 43: A Comprehensive Guide To Fix The Error

When working with technology, encountering glitches and error codes are inevitable. From run-time performance-related OS errors to issues with the Device Manager, you are likely to face problems without any prior warning. Out of all the Device Manager specific errors, code 43 is particularly common. Most of the time, reinstalling the PC drivers resolves this error code. However, the source of this Device Manager error is variable and accordingly, the workable fixes also vary. In case you are also dealing with code 43 like several other users, you are probably looking for some easy methods to resolve the issue. We suggest you go through this article in order to know more about this error code. Also, you will get to learn some practical methods that can help you resolve the code 43 Windows in no time.

Know More About Windows Error Code 43

If the hardware fails to work or if the PC drivers go out-of-date, the Device Manager develops this annoying error code 43. An error message appears on your screen that reads as follows:

Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

Several factors are responsible for triggering error code 43 on your Windows device, some of which are discussed below.

  • If you make unnecessary changes in the Settings or configuration of the Device Manager, it can give rise to the error code.
  • Obviously, hardware failure and outdated PC drivers are the leading causes of the issue.
  • On the other hand, an outdated BIOS is also equally responsible for this error code.
  • Also, a faulty or defective USB hub is likely to trigger the error code 43.

Now that you are well aware of the general factors responsible for the Device Manager error, you can move on to troubleshooting it. Follow the guidelines mentioned in the next section and get rid of the error at the earliest.

Excellent Fixes To Resolve Code 43 Windows

As stated earlier, reinstalling the PC drivers usually resolves error code 43. So, try the first method as per your convenience. In case the first solution doesn’t work, you should try all the following techniques correctly. One of the fixes should definitely help you out.

Method 1: Reinstall PC Drivers

  • First, go to the Device Manager and right-click on the problematic device.
  • Next, select the Uninstall option in order to uninstall that particular driver.
  • Click OK when the pop-up dialog box asks for your confirmation.
  • Next, you need to click on ‘Scan for hardware changes’ in the Device Manager. After this, the Device Manager will automatically look for and then reinstall the device driver.

This process is relatively easy-to-apply and should ideally troubleshoot Windows error code 43. Try the next alternative in case reinstalling the drivers doesn’t fix the issue.

Method 2: Restart Your Computer

This is probably the most effortless solution that you can try. Often, the Windows OS might have some pending downloads or temporary hardware problems. In that case, just restarting the computer can resolve error 43 and other issues as well.

Method 3: Roll Back The Drivers

If reinstalling the PC drivers didn’t work, it is possible that a particular driver is not compatible with the OS. In that case, often, rolling back the driver to a previous version does the trick.

  • To begin with, click on Start and open the Control Panel.
  • Next, click on the ‘System and Security’ option and from the next tab that appears select System.
  • Now, click on Device Manager followed by double-clicking on Display Adapters.
  • Next, you need to double-click on the problematic driver and select the Driver Tab.
  • Finally, click on the option that reads ‘Roll Back Driver’ and this should effectively help you resolve error code 43.

Additional Troubleshooting Hacks

There are some other useful fixes that you can try in order to resolve the error code. For example, try to update the BIOS version as the problem might stem from an outdated BIOS.

Alternatively, you can also purchase a powered USB hub to fix the issue if error code 43 appears due to a faulty USB hub. Also, restore your system to an earlier point by using System Restore.

Hopefully, the solutions mentioned in this article are sufficient to resolve error code 43 quickly. We also recommend you to install the latest Windows service pack as it comes with several bug fixes that can come in handy in your hour of need. Make sure you apply all the steps correctly and in the specified order as any incorrect step can give rise to more performance-related errors on your Windows device.

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