How To Bypass iCloud Activation Lock – A Quick Fix

Cloud computing is the present and even the future of information technology. Apple Inc. with their iCloud services is one of the premier cloud computing service providers. Basically, iCloud is a platform that allows its users to store their videos, pictures, and even the important documents securely.

Despite having several handy features, it has some strong loopholes. Several users are facing issues with the iCloud activation lock. In case you are going through the same trouble, its necessary for you to figure out “how to bypass iCloud Activation Lock?“. You can do that very easily if you know the right technical know-how.

In this article, we have compiled a few effective instructions that will show you the ways to bypass iCloud Activation Lock.

Ways to Remove iCloud Activation Lock Remotely on iPhone

If you want to remotely remove the iCloud activation lock then go through the below mentioned steps carefully:


1st Step– Primarily go to the Start button and then type


2nd Step– Then, with the help of your Apple ID and passcode, you need to sign into the site.


3rd Step– Now, you need to locate the “Find iPhone” option and then simply click on it.


4th Step– After doing the process, to located at the top you can hit the “All Devices” button.


5th Step– Now select which device you want to clean out from your iCloud account.


Note- If required, then select the “Erase iPhone” button and you will see that the device has been deleted. After that, select the “Remove from Account” option.

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Using DNS

In order to remove the iCloud activation lock by using DNS, you can follow the below mentioned steps:

1st Step- At first, you can restart your iPad or iPhone.

2nd Step- Until you get to the “Choose WiFi network,” you need to continue to Setup the process.

3rd Step–  After that, simply hit the Home option and click on the “More Wifi Settings” option.

4th Step- Now you can select the “i” symbol and next to the WiFi network.

5th Step– Next, you need to select the “Configure DNS” option and tap on the “Manual” button.

6th Step– There, you will see the “+Add Server” button, simply click on it and then you find a blank space.

7th Step- Finally, enter the server address of your location. Here, we mentioned some of the examples below:

  • USA:
  • Europe:
  • Asia:
  • Africa, Australia, and other locations:

8th Step- Now click on the Save button.

9th Step–  Then, simply select the back option and select the “Join this Network” option.

10th Step- Finally, you will see your iPhone on the active mode, simply tap on the Bach option and then you can continue setting up your iPhone.

Note– This process is only applicable for those who use the latest version of iOS, such as iOS 10.

Additional Tips to Bypass iCloud Activation

In order to remove the activation lock permanently, you need to open the go-to Menu first. After that, simply select the Applications. Now, you can select the Crash button. Therefore, you will see that your device will restart automatically.

Now, you can select your desired language and country. There, you can click on the WiFi section where you have to change the right Wi-Fi settings. After this process, click on the ‘i’ option. Basically, this is the available network next to the Wi-Fi network. Thus, select the HTTP proxy option. There, you can click on the menu under it.

Now, you will find a list of 30 emoticons on the server. Next, you need to locate the unlock screen and language frequently. Finally, go on sliding the unlock screen and then until the Home screen is displayed, click on the language button.

Now, your machine has successfully unlocked the iCloud activation lock. Hope this article is helpful for you to remove the iCloud activation lock.

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