How to Change IP Address- Easy Hacks

A very common query that a lot of PC users have is how to change the IP address. The solution to this particular issue finds its place among many relevant sources. However, one can not always guarantee its worth. Well, the very first thing that strikes upon the mind is why you need to change IP address of a PC. To answer that, let me burst the bubble of some ooh-so-famous apps that eventually have big IP hold. To name some, you can take up the example of Skype or Stream.

These are obviously two of the most real quick apps that is a critical part of your life. Thus, if you are not in a mood to part with the preceding two, you got to need some other ways. Hence, here is a way that will not let you lose out the whole for your IP and your IEP address. Before jumping into the solutions you need to make up a clear mind on the things that you need to AVOID.

Refuse to share your IP address with others. This situation appears when you are in a video gaming session as video game servers depend upon its owner. Hence, it is bound to get hold of the server that you are playing on. Those situations are kind of unpreventable and that what calls for the need to acknowledge the ways on how to change my IP. Moving on, here are some of the useful tips and tricks that will make you recover your IP and change it for good.

Change IP Address- Here’s How!

To start with, log into your router with the correct login credentials. make sure you collect the exact credentials for admin and passwords. Once you have logged in your router, it is time to change the IP address. Follow the steps below-

  • Go to connectivity option on your router
  • Click on Internet settings
  • Look for the Mac address clone

The main aim for you to find in case of changing your IP address is to locate the MAC address on your router. However, it is a bit daunting to find the exact location of this particular address. This is because it can be anywhere ranging from internet settings to the advanced settings options. Thus, it is better to check for all the necessary particulars that can actually make the task a bit easier.

Also, check if you are able to edit the MAC address on our router. In case you fail to edit the address, you will again have to find some distinctive ways to change the IP address. To do this simply, select the option the enable and then click on “clone my PC’s MAC address”. Click to save the changes and it will make you get the respective IP address.

How to Change Public IP Address?

Now, in case your router is not as advanced and it lacks the option of “clone my PC’s MAC address” option, there another way to do it. To ease that query, all you have to do is-

  • Go to the Windows button and type CMD.
  • Right-click and Run as Administrator
  • Go to address bar and type

However, if that also does not work for you, then go to the address bar and type in IP config. There, you will be able to find the IPV4 address and type Get MAC. You can also copy the physical address and then copy it to paste on the router section.

After the process gets over, your PC will go through the reboot process. Once it is completed, search IP and it will show a significant shift in the IP address. Then, once it gets connected to the internet, you will able to surf through using a different IP address altogether. Hence, changing the MAC address on your router will completely change your IP address.

How to Change Public IP Address?

Spoofing an IP is not always the thing when one needs to change their specific credentials. Although it is quite necessary to change the IP address on your PC, it is still not recommended to carry out too often. If you change your IP address frequently, you are more likely to receive a letter from the ISP. If you fail to follow along with their terms or services, you may even have to pay even more. In some other cases, they may also terminate the service altogether. Hence, it is better to keep the altering IP address process as a one-time thing.

If you need to change your IP address more often, you may need to get hold of paid service. Apart from that, you may also get help from certain privacy tools that allows you to get a detailed list of drop-down IP locations. You are more likely to get it on your browser and it will help you to change the IP address of your computer easier than ever.

Along with the IP address, the tools also help you to shift the location that is attached to your address. Hence, it comes off as a really handy measure for the travelers as it will help them to change their IP address to their home country. For the users having DSL or cable connection as their source of surfing the internet.


For Dial-up, you will need to access through a separate number that will help you to alter the IP address conveniently. For cable or DSL connection, the prime thing that you will need to understand in this process is more related to your ISP issues. That is when your ISP issues associated with your IP address is tied to the device that is connected to your modem. Thus, the device attached to your router has a certain code that will be viewed as the MAC address for that specific machine.

Thus, now that you know the ways to how to change public IP address, set it upon your system. Try the steps and it will surely work wonders to make you get rid of the hassle.

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