How To Change Wifi Password: Get Easy Hacks

WiFi is excellent for you to feel always connected to the network and working at ease, but an inadequately adjusted WiFi can put your data in danger. Replacing your identification too holds people from stealing your network.

If you also want to change the WiFi password, then go through the article.

Ways To Change Wifi Password

Operate The Router’s Configuration Window

The regular address of the router are,,, or (Apple) or (Xfinity). Even after providing the addresses, if you are unable to access the configuration sheet then continue the process with the Command Prompt.

To start the prompt, first of all, in the keyboard press the Windows logo key and along with that press R key and “cmd” at the same time. This process will launch the Command Prompt and then in the address bar type “ipconfig” and then hit the Enter key. Check the activated lists and search for the Default Gateways position. Also, check the configurations of the software of the router.

Provide Username And Password

Any router will need a specific username and a passcode for obtaining the network control. Provide the passwords as the Admin of the system, and then you can also change the password. This process will reset the environments to default, acknowledging you to sign in with the default username and key. Restart the device and then check for the latest passwords.

Add The WiFi Network

If the user is already attached to the WiFi, then this step can be skipped, but if the connection has some difficulty then follow the steps. Access the levels and provide the IP or you can give the IP and then check the network connectivity.

Enter Router Configuration

As the configuration finishes, then check for the connectivity of the router. If any of the IP doesn’t work correctly, then identify the default and check for the login procedures. Submit the default with the password and username and check. Identify the security codes and then verify the settings.

Upgrade WiFi Passcode

As the WiFi begins, check for the protection type. Along with that check the WiFi name and the associated password. The user can upgrade the passwords concerning the requirment. Save the changes and then click on the Apply option. For confirmation press, the Ok option and hit the Enter key. Reset the router and then turn it off. Switch off the device along with it and then after some time restart the machine and the WiFi. Check if the device connects with the modified and latest password.

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