Know How To Configure Belkin Router In A Few Quick Steps

Many users are not aware of the steps to set up their brand new Belkin router and configure it properly. Without following the correct instructions to install the routing device, you can’t utilize it to its fullest potential. There are several ways to set up this router, even if you don’t have the installation CD/DVD. You must use a reliable internet connection to configure your routing device. For further information, you can check this article and learn how to configure Belkin router correctly. Here, you can go through the steps that will certainly help you to install the routing device with or without the installation media. Also, you can check out a few simple techniques to connect your Belkin router with your laptop or PC.

Points To Remember While Configuring Your Belkin Router

Before checking the steps to configure Belkin router, you must remember a few tips. It can help you with the installation and configuration of the router while carrying out the setup process.

  • Choose an Internet Service Provider that can provide you with an internet connection having DHCP, PPPoE or static IP. Any of these options can help you to execute the device installation along with easy management of the router’s IP addresses.
  • Make use of Default Gateway in order to configure Belkin router as access point. It will allow your networked computer to utilize the gateway as IP router for sending information to other PC networks as well as the internet.
  • In case the installation fails, don’t press the reset button on your Belkin router frequently. It may corrupt the device settings and might not allow you to configure the router at all.

Effortless Steps To Configure Belkin Router

For configuring your Belkin routing device, it is mandatory to follow the given instructions sequentially.

Step 1: Establish Connection Between Your Device And Belkin Router

You need to reboot the modem by unplugging the device from the power outlet. Then, put the plug back into the outlet and switch on the modem. Wait for around 20-30 seconds until all the lights start to glow and the internet option turns green. Keep this arrangement aside and turn on the Belkin router by connecting it with the power supply. Then, use an Ethernet cable to connect your modem to the routing device. Always connect the cable properly by keeping one end at the router’s yellow port and the other at the modem’s WAN port. Now, you need an extra Ethernet cable for proceeding with the connection further.

There are separate methods of connecting your router to the devices, for example – computer or a phone. So, check out the following steps as per your device selection for connecting the Belkin router.

Step 2: Setup Router On Your Computer Or Phone

To do this, use the internet cable of the ISP and connect it to the router’s WAN or internet port. You have to be aware of the specific color of the internet port, which may vary as per the brand or model of the router. Use another LAN cable for connecting one of its end to router’s LAN port (choose any between 1 to 4). The other end of the cable will go to the LAN port of your laptop or computer. Now, on your PC, press Win+R to open the Run dialogue box. On the Command Prompt window, write ‘ipconfig’ and you can view the default gateway address for your Ethernet or LAN adapter. This will be your Belkin router’s default address.

If you want to connect the Belkin router to your tablet or phone, first, turn on the routing device. Then, plug in the ISP’s cable to your router’s internet or WAN port. Further, you have to follow the steps to configure the router and obtain the WiFi password. Only then, you can proceed to Mobile settings and check the option of ‘Wireless and Networks’. After this, turn on the WiFi feature on your phone. You must wait for some time until your mobile identifies the name of the router that you have connected. As it prompts you to enter the password to use WiFi signal, type the key and tap on the Connect option.

Step 3: Configure Internet To Connect To The Router

For configuring internet on your PC, you need to have access to a full version of a browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Opera. Then, open the setup page for Belkin router by typing on the browser’s URL. As the modem connected to your computer detects the type of the internet connection, connect to WiFi and create a password as per your choice. However, you need to leave the space ‘blank’ for putting the password. There is no need to look for any username as you just need to visit the Login page to configure internet and connect the router. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to set up a new password and save the configuration settings. Once you access the login page, you can modify the wireless settings and internet option. Also, you can change your network’s name or SSID for connecting your device to the Belkin router.

To configure the internet settings on your phone, connect to the unsecured wireless network of Belkin router. Then, open the browser page and go to the address bar. Type the default IP address of Belkin routing device, i.e, ‘’ and tap on the ‘Go’ button. It will display the configuration page for the router where you can set up the device. Further, you can set the password by following the steps of configuring the internet on PC, as mentioned above.

Apply The Following Changes After Configuring Belkin Router

Once you change or set a new password to log into the setup page of Belkin router, you need to update this password for all the connecting devices. Hence, if you have understood the above steps on how to configure Belkin router, make these following changes that are necessary after configuration.

Changes On Your PC

For Windows 7 users, first, click on the Windows logo button. Then, type ‘Control Panel’ and navigate to the section of ‘Network and Internet’. After this, open the option of ‘Network and Sharing Centre’. On the left pane of the window, find ‘Tasks’ and select ‘Manage wireless networks’. Once you locate the name of your Belkin router, select the ‘Remove’ option by clicking on the name of the routing device. It will then erase the WiFi network having an old password. Further, you can enter the new password to connect to WiFi by clicking on the ‘Network’ option. If you are using Windows 10, find the icon of ‘Network’ and select ‘Manage known networks’ under WiFi. Then, locate the Belkin router and choose the ‘Forget’ option. Finally, you can enter the new password to connect to the internet on your PC by clicking on the router name again.

Changes On Your Phone Or Tablet

On your phone’s Settings, switch on the WiFi. As it displays the Belkin router, you can click on its name and select the option of ‘Forget network’. Again, press the router name and type the new password to connect to the internet.

Hopefully, after implementing all the steps correctly, configuring your Belkin router shouldn’t be a difficult task for you.

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