Understand How To Connect To Belkin Router In Simple Steps

Whenever you are using a Belkin Router for the very first time, you might face problem while connecting to the PC. Or even installing the programme without an instruction manual. Fortunately, the task can be as easy as checking out this article and learn the steps on how to connect to Belkin Router. So, for those who can’t go through the entire user’s guide and want specific steps to connect Belkin Router to their devices, follow this article. It can also let you understand the basic requirements for the PC to install the Belkin router setup files.

Steps To Follow If Belkin Router Won’t Connect To Internet

Before you check out the steps to establish the connection between Belkin Router and the computer, go through some necessary info. It includes the system requirements that are mandatory to connect the system to the routing device.

Requirements For Connecting Belkin Router

  • You must power on the Belkin Router or modem device manually to see if it’s working. To check this, remove the power supply from the modem and insert the router plug into it. After this, you need to reconnect the power supply to the modem as well as to the Belkin Router.
  • Also, you need to have a laptop or PC that has no issues with its ports, especially the port for RJ45 LAN. So, make sure to use a networking cable suitable for connecting to the RJ45 port.
  • If you are using a Windows Operating System, it is recommended to use 98, XP, 2000 and above versions. It is recommended to first test the connectivity between the routing device and PC by using an Ethernet cable. Further, you can proceed with the installation setup of the Belkin Router by the following steps.
  • Also, you must have a stable internet connection from a reliable ISP (Internet Service Provider) to test the connectivity between the device and Belkin Router.
  • Make sure that the computer you are using is having an updated browser in order to access the router’s setup page after installation.

Installation Guide To Establish Connection Between Belkin Router And Your PC

  1. Go through the following instructions and apply these steps to connect the Belkin Router to any device with networking facilities.
  2. First, insert the power plug of Belkin routing device to the main power outlet and switch it on. Then connect the router to the WiFi modem by using either an Ethernet cable or stable internet.
  3. After this, establish a connection between the computer and the Belkin router with the help Ethernet cable (more than one cable may be needed). For those who don’t have additional cable, you can rest the routing device and click the icon of wireless on your PC.
  4. Open any updated browser on the device and navigate to the address bar. Then write in the URL box and press the ‘Enter’ key. ┬áNext, you have to set a new password to register the router on the Belkin setup page.

For installation through CD/DVD, insert Belkin router’s installation media into the disk drive of your PC. Then follow the on-screen instruction and run the setup process for connecting the router to the computer.

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