How To Disable UAC Windows 10: Guide to Fix

UAC or User Account Control is a security system present as default in all the Windows Operating System. It always asks for a confirmation when you are going to install any application software in your OS. And thus, keeps your system prevent from the changes without the approval from the Administrator. Though security matters, after sometimes the confirmation pop-ups become a headache. For this many of the person likes to turn off UAC Windows 10. This article is all about how to disable UAC Windows 10.

By disabling UAC, you will be able to install any application software without any Administrator permission. So, it is advised to be careful while installing any software after you disable UAC from Windows 10. Now, without wasting time let us proceed to learn the process of how to disable UAC Windows 10.

Learn How To Disable User Account Control (UAC) In Windows 10 Operating System

Follow the below procedures to make the UAC disable for your Windows OS.

Go To UAC Settings By Using Control Panel

To begin with, this process, tap the Windows key from your keyboard. Then, in the Windows search bar type Control Panel and click on it to open. Next, change the View by option to Large icons by dropping down the arrow. After that, scroll down to search for User Accounts from this window. After clicking on it, you will visit the right panel last option as Change User Account Control Settings. Next, click on it to open the User Account Settings window. You can get this window by the second procedure as well.


Go To UAC Settings By Using Windows Search Bar

To start this, at first click on the Windows icon which will be at the below-left corner of your screen. Then, in the search bar type UAC and hit Enter. This will directly take you to the User Account Control Settings window. This process will take less time to complete.

Move The Slider Towards Never Notify

Now, after the above procedure, you need to move the slider in the downward direction by clicking on it. And then, stop the slider to the Never notify section. After that, hit on OK to make this changes done.


This is the procedure to follow to learn how to disable UAC in Windows 10.

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