How To Do A Fresh Install Of Windows 10

Sometimes you may witness various problems after updating the Windows 10 in your system. These issue arises because the installation is not done according to the instruction. So in this article, you will know how to do a fresh install of Windows 10. But before that let us discuss the errors that can occur if you don’t update OS in your system. When you upgrade your system, the OS gets rid of the older files, and it fixes bugs glitches. So if you are not successful in updating Windows in your system, then you will encounter complex problem from time to time. Thus, it is necessary to install Windows 10 correctly.

Solutions For Fresh Install Of Windows 10

Earlier Microsoft insisted users to update to Windows 10 at first  before they could do a clean install. It was a quite time-consuming process and very difficult for users. But now things are simpler and you can quickly upgrade to Windows 10 from the older version. Thus go through the instructions and do a fresh installation of Windows 10.

Keep Your Drivers Up To Date

If you are going to do clean install Windows 10, then you need to have the latest drivers installed in your system. Although the latest edition of Windows will identify and install most of the drivers, it’s a good practice to update your driver manually from the manufacturer’s website. The drivers you install from the original equipment manufacturers are more accurate than the Windows update drivers. Such drivers also provide quality performance. Hence download the drivers from the computer manufacturer’s support page.

Backup Your Essential Files And Data

Before proceeding with the fresh installation in your main PC. Users need to have the backup of the existing file. At last, create a backup of all your essential documents and data. As you are performing the installation from the beginning, it will completely erase all the information from your system.

Install Windows By Creating The Installation Media

Users can install the Windows from scratch by downloading create installation media. For that, you need to download the installation media and send it to a flash drive or DVD. Then install the tool and the tool will download the appropriate Windows 10 version. After that choose the Create installation media for another PC to create the media.

Make sure you choose the correct installation media for the Windows 10 for your computer. Select the 64-bit version Windows 10 as it is widely used. Next, the tool will automatically choose the required Windows version and install it on your machine. After that boot your system by keeping the DVD or USB inserted into the cabinet as you need to modify the settings of the BIOS. Once the installer initiates, the process user will notice an activation screen. Here in this screen, you need to write the Windows 10 service key.

In the next stage, after activating the Windows 10 on your PC, the install will notify that you have an authentic Windows system and the registers of your hardware linked with the Microsoft’s server. Hence, you don’t need to give the Windows key at the time of installation. Thus follow the process until you find a prompt asking for the type of installation. Thus choose Custom option to ensure a clean install not update install.

If you have several partitions of your system then remove all of them and install Windows 10 in an unspecified space. Otherwise, for single Window partition instruct the installer to overwrite it. Next sign in to your latest freshly installed Windows 10 machine. The OS will activate itself once you enable the internet connection. You can verify the process, by opening the Start and select the settings. Choose the ‘Update and Security’ button and search for the Activation tab. Here users can view the “Windows is activated”. Also, check the edition of Windows 10 that you have installed.

Because after reinstalling Windows 10 Pro on your PC the OS gets activated instantly. But if the Microsoft servers are having some problem, then it will take some time for the activation. Users can activate the OS with the help of rebooting their system. Else open the Command prompt with the help of the Administrator. Type simgr.vbs/ato, this command, it will quickly activate the Windows 10.

Use BIOS To Do a Clean Install In Windows 10

To perform a clean installation you need to make sure that the BIOS of their system is in proper condition. To open the BIOS, press one of the function key or ESC key continuously. After entering the BIOS, search for the Boot section. In this section, you need to configure the drive that consists of the Windows 10 installation files. Also, don’t forget to save the changes.

Users who are using the UEFI BIOS navigate to the PC settings. Then go to the Update and Recovery section and look for the Advanced startup. Thus select Restart now. After configuring the proper bootable media now, you can install Windows. Tap any key to start the installation. Select Next and then click Install now. Once you complete this step, you need to enter the key to clean install Windows 10. Once the installation is over the Windows 10 will activate automatically. Then follow the necessary steps as given above.

Configure The Settings After The Fresh Installation

After completing the main part of the installation, users need to modify some settings to get the maximum advantage from the Windows 10 system. So when the installation over, you need to go the to the configuration section of the installation. Here Cortona will introduce itself to the user. As you know, Cortona is an AI that assists the user to finish the intended task.

If you use Cortana then you need to compromise your privacy. Hence it is up to you whether you want to use it or not. After that, you will notice the primary tab of installation that process is complete. Wait until any message appears. Then choose the region and tap on ‘Next’. Select the keyboard layout according to your preferences and again hit Next. The next window asks for the additional keyboard layout if you use several keyboard layouts. Otherwise select skip. In this window, users can link pin to their account if they want to. You can also connect your cell phone number with your profile and it’s not compulsory.

In the next section, you will get a message whether you like to sync and save the information to Onedrive cloud. It is better not to do this, but some of the users prefer to have a backup in Microsoft. So it’s up to you. After getting to the next window, you need to determine whether you want to activate Cortana or not. If you do so, then you need to keep all the option enabled. Otherwise, this interactive feature may not work. At this penultimate stage, you need to be patient as the Windows will configure the hardware settings. So wait for sometime as it can take several minutes to configure and turn off your system. You can view the Desktop the process is complete.


To do a fresh installation, you don’t have to be technically sound. You need to know the proper techniques so that you can easily do a clean install of Windows 10. So read the instructions properly as given above and do the task accordingly. Otherwise, a single error can result in the corruption of the Windows 10 file. Thus you need to begin the process from the Start.

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