How To Enable Silverlight Firefox: Get Easy Hacks

In this article, we are going to discuss how to enable Silverlight in Firefox. But before that let’s know more about the application. Silverlight firefox is quite similar to Adobe Flash that supports those application that runs on the internet. The user uses this plugin that enables the internet browser so that they can view a wide variety of content. But even if you install Silverlight on your system, it cannot provide such interactive features. ¬†For that user need to use add-on managers or browser to get the maximum advantage of Microsoft Silverlight.


The reason why you cannot add an extension to the Firefox web browser because recently the application has disabled the support for NPAPI plugins. Mozilla removed these extension features because of the performance related issue and security problems. It also mentioned that these add-ons also crashes the browser, so that’s why they stopped providing these features. Now if you still want to keep this extension, then you can enable these plugins in firefox by using simple techniques.

How To Restore Plugin Support

If you want to keep the NPAPI plugin support, then restore the features with the help of about: config. Open a new tab in Firefox enter the text about config and hit enter on your keyboard. A warning message will appear on the screen confirm it choosing I accept the risk. After that, you will witness a long list of preferences in the browser. To choose preference click anywhere in the window and select New, then select the choices you want to add.

After incorporating the preference on your browser name it according to your choice. Select false for the preference and hit OK. Also, go through the other vital steps to enable Silverlight on your web browser.

Enable Silverlight extension With the Help Of Few Commands

To add extensions type about: addons and tap enter in the address bar to open the Add-ons manager. After type Hotkey, press control then go to Mac and type a command then hit Shift A. Once you have completed the task go to the left side of the page, choose Plugins. User needs to ensure that the Add-ons they want to use is set or Allow.

Go to the webpage and take the cursor to the address bar and left-click the icon. Click Permission in the menu and carry on with your work.

Add Silverlight Plugin In Internet Explorer

There are other various ways to turn on the Silverlight here are the possible solution for the different Web browser. For Internet Explorer go to the gear icon to open the Internet Explorer Tools menu. Select the Manage add-ons from the list. Then choose Show present below the All Add-ons. By doing this, you will be able to see all disabled and enabled extensions identified by internet explorer. Click close to terminate the operation, and the internet explorer will allow the Silverlight firefox add-ons.

Mozilla Firefox

For Firefox users select Tools from the menu and choose Add-ons. It will open the Add-ons manager. Go to the “plug-ins ” tab in the Add-on manager and navigate the Silverlight plugin. Open the menu box and choose Always activate. And your Mozilla Firefox will enable the Silverlight.

Google Chrome user can also enable the Silverlight firefox on their web browser as well. You can go to the settings and locate Silverlight plugin and click enable.

To Round Up

After reading this article, we hope that now you know how to enable Silverlight on Firefox. It is quite a simple and effective way to enable plugins. By doing so, you can experience various contents on your Web browser.


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