Beginners Guide For Asus Laptop Factory Reset

Everyone recognizes Asus universally for its computers and related peripherals. Even it’s appreciated for it’s easily approachable and user-friendly nature. In recent times a lot of users wonder how to factory reset an Asus device. This situation occurs because of some of the inbuilt softwares or installed applications create a problem in the system. If you are also facing a similar issue and further wish to know the procedure then read through this guide.

The removal of the user’s information from the gadget identified as the factory reset. The main aim of the application is to set the device to roll back the device to its original state. This process is to eliminate the errors related to softwares pre-installed in the machine.

Ways To Start Asus Factory Reset

You can perform a Factory Reset on your Asus device using multiple methods. Here, below we have 4 of the easiest methods to get the job done.

Solution 1: Primary Method

Open the device and then go to the Start menu. Select the Restart option and allow the system to reboot. Once the computer is up and running, then hold on the F9 button from the keyboard and will enable the machine to boot. This process will begin the booting screen.

Now, choose the Recover Windows to Complete HD and after that choose Enter. Now, press the Y key thrice and to confirm the Restore process. This procedure will start the factory reset process. When done, then provide the device 20 to 30 seconds to complete the reset.

Reboot the machine and check. Accept the consent negotiation, before that choose the Language preference option. Enter your name into the bar and after that pick the Next and Continue to move ahead. Choose the Next and then Continue options and choose the time and date formats as per your preference. Pick on the Finish option and then exit the window. Restart the device again after this process.

Solution 2: Remove Operating Systems Identification Passcode

To eliminate the Operating Systems password, first of all, download the Operating Systems password fixer and allow the process to complete.

Install the downloaded file and before that check, if any data get corrupted. Select the USB and then follow the on-screen instructions. Copy the application into the USB drive and connect it your PC. As the laptop completely boots from the USB device, the application will begin to work.

This application records all the accounts working on the device and tries to reset each one of them. As all the passcodes eliminate, then select the Reboot option and start the process by clicking on it.

Solution 3: Factory Reset Without Signing in

If you do not have the passcodes and yet you wish to reset the device, then first, open the device and navigate to the login window. Select the Power key from the right corner and then select the Restart option. Make sure to hold the Shift button from the keyboard along with it.

Now, select Troubleshoot option from the list and after that click on the Reset menu. Once done with them choose the ‘Remove everything’ and click on Next. Restart the device and then pick the Remove files. After that select the Fully Clean the drive option as according to the requirements. Choose ‘‘Reset to begin one factory reset method option and provide the device few hours to operate.

Remember, not to turn off the laptop until the process ends. Also, restart the machine after the procedure and check if factory reset occurred.

Solution 4: General Procedure

Open the computer and click on the Start menu. When the Lenovo logo is displayed, press F9 key and click on it and locate the hidden distribution. Hold the Enter key as soon as the Boot manager option appears on the screen. Select the required Language and after that pick the Next and Continue option.

Go through the on-screen information and later choose Next and then Continue option. From the list select Windows Recovery to First Partition Only. Then select Recover Windows to Entire HD options and then click on Enter. After that choose the Next option and follow the instructions provided on the screen to begin the process correctly.

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