How To Find Mac Address: Smart And Easy Solutions

The MAC addresses of any device play the role of a unique identifier. It is generally used for the communications at the data link layer of a network and is assigned to the network interface controller. Each network card has its own unique MAC address. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of the Mac address as it is required for various purposes. For example, while setting up your router, the Mac address is needed for identifying the devices that you want to connect with the network-based. With this address, you can also figure out every device separately. Therefore, if you are unaware of how to find MAC address, do not panic.


In this article, we are going to provide a detail description that will make your task easier.

Easy Techniques: How To Find Mac Address Of Your Device:

Finding the mac address is quite simple and can be done with a just few steps. However, users face trouble if they are not aware of the exact process. Therefore, apply the simple methods that are given below:

Method 1: Using the Command Prompt

  1. Right-click on the Start button and select Command Prompt
  2. Type in “ipconfig /all” and hit Enter. This will display the configuration of your network
  3. Find your adapter’s physical address.
  4. Scroll down to your network adapter and check the values that appear next to “Physical Address”. This is also referred to as your Mac address.

Method 2: Using Network settings

  1. In the taskbar, search for “network connections” and click on the “View network connections.” (Or) Navigate to Control Panel and select the Network and Internet option. Now, click on the Network Connections
  2. Right-click on the network connection and click on ‘status’
  3. Select “Details” and locate the Physical Address.
  4. In the Network connection details window, the value for the physical address is your MAC address.

Best Tricks To Find Netgear Mac Address:

At times, to set up your router appropriately, the mac address is necessary. To find the address, at first you have to go to the “Advanced” tab. Here, click on the ‘Advanced home’  and find the Mac address which is under the internet port. Lastly, write it down.

All the above-mentioned steps are proven and effective. Hence, trying the solutions will ease your problem. But in case, if you have any problem or confusion with the steps, then please do post comments below.

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