How To Fix Canon Printer Error B200: Step-By-Step Tutorial

If there is one printer that has earned its name in easy troubleshooting it is got to be Canon printers without any doubt. Now, the troubleshooting for the error code B200 is also one of the most common scenarios in this case. The steps to resolve this particular issue is quite simple. However, In the case of the printers that contain either 2 or 4+ cartridges, troubleshooting the issue takes a bit of extra assistance.

To get you the right solutions for these, here is a complete guide on all the necessary steps that one should take in this regard. Take a look at all the steps and fix Canon printer error B200.

Fixing 4+ Cartridge Canon Printers

To start with, open the topmost cover of your printer. This will automatically lift up the cartridge cradle as well. Once you are able to access it, simply remove all the cartridges out from the cradle with proper care.

Your next step in the process should be to remove the printhead that you can easily do by lifting up the lever. You can locate it right beside your cartridge cradle. For this, you will just need to remove the printhead out from the printer.

For the third step, you will need to reinsert the printhead back into its original place. After placing it securely, lock the lever again and proceed with the further steps.

After that, you will need to reinsert the cartridges into their respective slots and check if there are still any door left open into the device. Make sure that the closure allows you to access the cartridges and the printhead altogether within the printer.

Next step is to unplug the printer manually out from the electricity board. Keep it intact for a moment and allow it to cool down. This will also help to linger electrical energy out for elimination from the printing machine.

Lastly, re-plug the printer. This will make you start up a cleaning cycle. Also, make sure to perform an extensive check on your nozzle. Remember that, the Canon B200 error will not arise into the scene if you have a regular access to the printhead of your Canon printing device.

How To Fix Canon printer error B200 For 2 Cartridge Device?

Before starting, turn OFF the printer. The error B200 will arise on your device if there is any kind of cartridge cradle stuck into the machine. Thus, a temporary fix for it is to retune the printer to get rid of the error code.

In the next step, turn the printer ON. Check if the error is again indicative out of the problematic cartridge. If so, then you will have a proper idea of whether you need to replace it. In case the removal is required, get it out of the slot and your machine is good to go once again.

For a 2 cartridge Canon printer, its printhead should be a part of its cartridge itself. There is a certain limitation that draws a line for you for not being able to replace the troublesome cartridge. Hence, you will need to replace the erratic cartridge with that of an old functioning one that works well.

Also, make sure to do an extensive nozzle check while you proceed towards the cleaning cycle. Once the replacement of the cartridge is completed, it becomes a mandatory step for you to check whether the required cartridge is being displaced from the printer slot or not.

In case the issue is still not resolved, you will again need to replace the problematic cartridge with a new or better functioning one. You can certainly make sure which one out of the two cartridges is at fault. Therefore, checking and then replacing the desired one will help you in resolving the error right from its core.

The above troubleshooting steps should make the task a bit less hassle to fix the B200 error out of your Canon printer. Hence, give a shot to all the above measures and see which one works the best for you.

Additional Troubleshooting  Steps

If you are still unable to make a positive response out of your device, check for the following troubleshooting steps-

  1. Click to Open the printer
  2. Remove all the ink cartridges
  3. Un-install printhead from the device
  4. Clean back of the printhead (electronic pins). Use some mild alcohol (isopropyl is a good reagent to work best in this case). check whether the pins are 100% clear.
  5. Switch off the printer (do not close it!) by plugging it off from the power cord (do not use any power button).
  6. Clean electronic pins in the printer (it is the place where you have installed the printhead). Make sure it is 100% clean.
  7. Reinstall the printhead and then install the ink cartridges back into its place.
  8. Plug in the power cord.
  9. Turn back the printer normally.
  10. Check if the printer is functioning fine without any apparent error.

Concluding is short, we will like to add that if none of the above measures work well for your comfort, make use of some technical tools. They are quite handy and reliable to get you the right technical aid. However, before that, try out all the troubleshooting steps that are provided above.