A Complete Guide On How To Obtain IP Address From Router

The IP address is the identity of each computer or device which is connected to a network. However, you may encounter error messages like ‘failed to obtain IP address’ while connecting to the internet. If this is the case then nothing to fret. In this article, you will get the total information on how to obtain IP from a router in a simple manner. Most of the routers IP address is starting with 192.168.###.###.

How To Fix “Failed To Obtain IP Address Router” Error On Windows

Follow the ways below if you are not able to obtain an IP address from your router. By applying these procedures on your system you will be able to fix this issue on your own.

Way 1: Reconnect With The Network

In most of the cases only reconnecting with the network settles down the failure to obtain IP address router issue. And to do this follow the below lines.

At first, go to the Settings and select on WiFi. By doing this as you see that the WiFi is not able to connect with your device. So you need to make a long tap on the network and after that select on Forget Network. When done, try to connect with the network. If it works then fine otherwise check the below procedures.

Way 2: Enable And Disable Flight Mode

Sometimes this procedure also works best but if and only if your luck prefers. Though this will not be a permanent solution.

Go to network settings and select the Flight Mode to enable it. Wait for a few moments keeping this setup. After that again turn off the flight mode and then it will start to reconfigure the network settings in your device. By doing this procedure you may find the solution.

Way 3: Reboot Windows Device And Router

After restarting your Windows device and the router, go to the search bar. After that on the search bar type in ‘cmd’ and hit Enter. This will open the Command Prompt.

Here type in the command ‘ipconfig’ and tap on the Enter button to execute the command and after it gets over. You will see that near the below section on this window Default Gateway option and besides it, a number will be displayed. Copy this number, this is the IP address of your network. Then, paste it on a browser address bar and press Enter.

Now it will ask for your Account ID and the password of your router. After providing those details, your router’s dashboard will be displayed on your system. Then, go to System Tools, under it select Restart. This will restart your router, but during this period of time, you also need to Restart your device. After both the devices start again then check whether this process works for you.

Note: If you have not changed the details of your router earlier then the user ID and the password will be the default ones. In general, the user ID for the routers is admin but the password differs with every brand. In some cases the default router password is set as “admin” and in other cases, it is saved as “password”.

By doing these the above-explained processes in your device you will be able to fix this how to obtain IP address from router issue.