How To Reset An Acer Laptop – Simple And Easy Tips

Acer Incorporated engaged in producing various kinds of electronic goods and computer hardware. Among all other products from the house of Acer, laptops are the one which helps them to stand alone from the crowd. Due to some unique features and advanced specification, Acer laptops are considered one of the most sought-after products. Despite the fact that this company makes good laptops, even then also you can get various kinds of errors while using the machine.

One error that you may run into is how to reset an Acer laptop. This issue occurs if you somehow forget the login password. To resolve the issue continue reading to the next section.

Ways To Reset Acer Laptop

In this section, you will get various ways to resolve the issue of how to reset an Acer laptop. In the following, you will get three different ways to fix this issue.

Use The Repair Disc Of The Windows 10 or 8.1 To Reset The Acer Laptop

To reset the Acer laptop to its factory settings, you can use the recovery or repair disc of the Windows Operating System and then boot from that disc. If you do not have the recovery disc then as an alternative, you can download the image file of the Operating System. Then make an installation drive using an optical disc or a USB drive. In order to reset the laptop, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Put the recovery disc into the Acer laptop and then boot it from the disc.
  • When the ‘Windows Setup’ window comes up, choose the correct option from the drop-down menus and then tap on the ‘Next’ button.
  • In the new window, choose the link ‘Repair your computer’, that is on the lower left corner of that window.
  • From the next window ‘Choose an option’, select the ‘Troubleshoot’ option.
  • After that, in the ‘Troubleshoot’ window, choose an option ‘Reset this PC’.
  • Within the ‘Reset this PC’ window there will be two options ‘Keep my files’ and ‘Remove everything’.
  • In order to clear the login ID and Password, you will have to select the ‘Remove everything’ option. But, doing so will remove all the files and various settings from your device. So always remember to take back up time to time.
  • Choose the Operating System in the next window i.e. ‘Windows 10’.
  • Now, select the drive you want to clean from the options- ‘Only the drive where Windows is installed’ or ‘All drives’.
  • Select either the ‘Just remove my files’ or ‘Fully clean the drive’, whichever you think is appropriate for you.
  • Finally, hit the ‘Reset’ button to start the Reset process.

Use the ‘Alt + F10’ Keys To Reset the Acer Laptop If It Runs On Windows 7

  • First, if the laptop is on, then you are required to switch it off.
  • Then, start the laptop once again and while it is booting up hit the ‘Alt + F10’ simultaneously.
  • Now, choose the ‘Restore’ option.

After that, you can choose either one out of the three options i.e. ‘Completely Restore System to Factory Defaults’ or ‘Restore Operating System and Retain User Data’ or ‘Reinstall Drivers or Applications’. Finally, when you select a correct option given on the previous step then follow the on-screen instructions and start the restore process.

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