How To Reset Belkin Router: Get Easy Hacks

While working with the Belkin routers, you may experience some technical problems. These issues may arise especially when you are either installing or configuring the router settings. Often, you need to reset the device in order to resolve such issues and get back the default settings of your Belkin router. However, you must be aware of the problems so that it can help you to decide whether resetting your router is the best option to fix them or not. So, follow this article if you want to learn the scenarios when your Belkin router needs to be restored. Here, you can also learn how to reset Belkin router by applying a few simple steps. Also, it is recommended to check out the instructions in this article to know the correct ways to reset, install and update a Belkin router device.

Follow The Given Instructions To Reset Belkin Router

Before knowing how to reset Belkin router, it is important to know what are the underlying issues that can be fixed through a device restore. Only then you must proceed with applying the methods of resetting the router. So, let’s check the issues you can experience while using a Belkin router that may require the device reset option to resolve them. After that, you can follow the steps to restore the router for using it further.

What Can Go Wrong With A Belkin Router That Can Be Fixed Through A Reset?

If you are still wondering under what circumstances you must reset your Belkin router, we have listed some of the common problems below for your convenience.

1. Defective Cable And Hardware Issues In Your Router

If the Ethernet cable is either defective or not connected properly between the router and your device, the installation may not complete in the first attempt. So, you may have to reset the Belkin router in order to install it again. Even the restore is needed when there are technical errors in the routing device including hardware problems.

2. Belkin Router Not Generating Authentic IP Address

It is necessary to have a valid IP address for your Belkin router before you access its setup page. Somehow, if you have entered a wrong IP address in the URL box, it may prevent you from signing in. So, you may have to reset the router login details for getting a valid IP address.

3. Conflict Between Multiple Routers Using The Same IP Address

In a given network, if two or more modems are using the same IP address, then it can lead to conflicts. This can occur mostly when the router’s IP address and that of the ISP is exactly the same. Hence, in order to resolve the issue of IP address conflicts, it is recommended to reset the router or update it to some other version.

4. Incorrect Login Details On Router Setup Page

Sometimes, entering the wrong username and password in the Belkin router setup website can prevent you from accessing the page any further. Hence, you need to reset the credentials in order to login again and access router settings.

How To Reset Belkin Router?

Before you follow the given methods to reset your Belkin router, you must learn how to do the setup as well. This is because the reset process will erase all the router data along with its current settings.

Method 1: Perform Hardware Reset Manually

In order to apply a hardware reset, locate the reset button on the side panel or back of the Belkin router. Mostly, you can find it as a red colored switch or clearly marked as ‘Reset’. So, press this button and hold it down for about 10-15 seconds. Then, as you release the key, the router begins the reset process that may take a few minutes to go back to its factory settings.

Method 2: Utilize Setup Utility For Belkin Router

For a majority of router models manufactured under the hood of Belkin, it provides a setup utility for these devices. So, make sure to connect a device with networking abilities to the router. You can either choose wireless connection or LAN to set up the connection between the device and Belkin router. After connecting the devices, open the web browser and navigate to the address bar. Then, type, the IP address corresponding to the Belkin routing device. It will then display the page of Router Setup Utility along with the settings information. On the left pane of the window, locate the option of ‘Restore Factory Default’. If you have set up a password earlier, confirm the reset action be entering the details on the administrator password prompt window.

Method 3: Soft-Reset The Router

To perform a soft reset on the Belkin router, write in the URL and log into the setup page. You can type ‘admin’ for your username and ‘password’ in the password field to log in. Then, navigate to the ‘Settings’ and select the option of ‘Restore Factory Defaults’. As you hit the tab of ‘Restore Defaults’, the Belkin Router begins its reset process and erases all the current settings from the device. Finally, restart your router and initiate the installation setup for the Belkin device.


After applying all the methods discussed in this article, resetting a Belkin router should not be a big deal for you anymore. In case you need more help regarding this, get in touch with a professional.

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