How To Rotate Screen: Five Effective Solutions

If you are using the Windows 10 Operating System, sometimes, you need to rotate or twist your computer screen to complete some particular tasks. Windows 10 is the latest and the most exclusive of the Operating Systems. A Windows 10 user can easily rotate or flip the screen directly by the keyboard combination. Windows 10 has a setting for displaying Configuration. Here, you can set it up to rotate your screen as per your requirement. If you have a graphics card of any of the available well-known brands, you can surely rotate your screen on Windows 10 without a hitch. You can avail several ways such as this discovered to pivot your screen. Some most useful steps are explained in this article.  


Easy Steps To Enable This Feature on Windows 10 :

You can get some effective ways to integrate the screen rotation. Hence, go through the all mentioned steps to resolve your issues –

Step 1: Flip Your Screen Using The Keyboard Combination

This is a very simple way that you can try. First, you must use your keyboard combination to rotate your Screen. To use your keyboard combination you need to switch on Hotmail feature on your Windows 10 Operating System. After enabling this feature you can allow using your keyboard combination. You need to do  –

  1. Right click on a Blank Space on your Computer Screen and choose the seventh option named as “Graphics Options”.  
  2. Select “Hotkeys”. Enable it.
  3. Use your keyboard to Press Ctrl + Alt and Arrow keys at the same time.
  4. After pressing the Shortcut Keys if your Screen Rotates then again you can press that Keys to get back the Previous Screen.

Step 2: Configure Your Display Settings

You can set up your Display Setting to rotate your screen. Windows 10 has an Inbuilt feature to set your Display Portrait to Landscape or Landscape to Portrait in a minute. The following steps to set up your Display Settings :

  1. Right, Click on your Desktop and select “Display settings”.
  2. In the Display Setting Screen, you can see the Orientation Drop-Down Menu. To Rotate your Screen change the orientation – Landscape, Landscape (Flipped) Portrait, Portrait (Flipped).
  3. If you are using Windows 7 or 8 Operating System. Therefore, you right click on your screen and choose “Screen Resolution”.
  4. After applying the above steps check the display Flipped as your Orientation choice or not. Click on Keep Changes to save the orientation form. If not, click Revert and wait till 15 Seconds.

Step 3: Rotate Your Screen By Using Your Graphics Card

Some laptop and desktop have an Inbuilt graphics card. You can flip your Windows screen by using your graphics card. You can rotate your own display screen along with an external monitor screen connected via an HDMI. The effective steps are –   

  1. Click on the Desktop and Select “Graphics Option”
  2. After Clicking on that, Media Control Panel Box will open.
  3. Three options are there. Display, Refresh Date and Rotation. Select rotation.
  4. Choose the particular Rotation Degrees that you want to Apply. There are Several Options such as Rotate to Normal, Rotate to 90 Degrees, Rotate to 180 Degrees, Rotate to 270 Degrees.

Step 4: Rotate Your Screen By Using Your Nvidia Graphics Card

If you have the Nvidia Graphics Card in your computer, you can easily solve out the Display Rotation issues. To set your Screen Rotation from the Nvidia Graphics Card you need to follow below-mentioned steps –

  1. Right click on your Computer Screen and select Nvidia Control Panel.
  2. In the left corner, select Rotate Display.
  3. After selecting the Option, you can get a statement with a link saying you can’t Rotate the Display with Stereoscopic 3D.
  4. Click on the given Link and Disable the Stereoscopic 3D by click on the tick box.
  5. After Untick the Enable mode you will see Rotation options in the Rotate Display Setting.
  6. Choose particular Rotation Option to Rotate your Screen.

Step 5: Rotate Your Screen By Using Your AMD Graphics Card

There is a well-Known AMD Graphics Card which offers amazing performance and resolution quality. If you have AMD Graphics Card in your system hence, You can rotate your screen as per your need by this AMD Graphics Card by some practical steps. The steps are –

  1. Right click on your Desktop screen.
  2. Choose “Catalyst Control Center”.
  3. Click on Rotation option under the Headings.
  4. The Rotation option may also be under different Headings. It mostly depends on your Control Center’s versions.
  5. You can see the Rotate option under the common Display tasks in the new Catalyst Control Center version.
  6. Select the Rotation option to flip your screen.


Five easy steps are mentioned in this article. You can use any one of them to rotate your screen on Windows 10. This method is also applicable if you have got a Windows 7 or 8 Operating System. Several ways are explained to Rotate your Screen. You can use your Inbuilt Features to Configure Display setting otherwise you can use the Graphics Card to flip your computer’s screen. The easiest way you can try is simply to use a keyboard combination to rotate your screen. The above solutions are quite useful and practical for an assured solution in on time. Hope this article is good enough to help about “how to rotate screen on Windows 10?”