How To Setup Linksys Extender: Get Ultimate Guidance

Are you often encountering no signals or a dead zone at your home or workplace? Despite using the latest and the top-class Linksys router, you are unable to experience a flawless internet connection. Although the Linksys router uses the best technology to provide you with an unmatched experience. But still, there are certain flaws and barriers that can affect the strength of the signal. Many factors are responsible for poor wifi signals such as the position of your router, a concrete metal wall, usage of bandwidth, etc. This is the time when the extender comes into action. It will boost your signal and cover all the dead zones. Therefore, you should be aware ofhow to setup Linksys extender?”.

In case you are not aware of the appropriate process, do not panic. In this article, we will describe all the possible solutions and methods that will help you to set up an extender without any hassle.

Important Tips Before Setting Up A Linksys Extender:

An extender can resolve multiple network issues. Therefore, you should be very careful while setting up an extender. Here are certain tips that will make your task much easier.

It is highly suggested to reset your router before you set up the range extender as it is an easy plug and play device. The extender is required to be set up near the router at first and later you can locate it anywhere in the house after analyzing the current router range.

Effective Methods For Linksys Extender Setup:

Setting up a range extender is no rocket science. You need to know the appropriate process and the technicalities. It is not always possible to do the task on your own. Therefore, try the simple steps that are given below which will give you fruitful results.

Method 1: Install The Extender

Before proceeding with the setup process, you have to install the extender at first. Do the following:

  1. At first, connect the antennas and the given power cable of your range extender.
  2. Keep your antenna in an upright position for getting best signal strength.
  3. Now place the range extender in a mid-place so that it stays in between your router and the dead zone. (Doing so will enhance the existing wireless signal.)
  4. After you have placed the extender appropriately, check the light LED of your range extender.
  5. To see the Linksys Extender Setup, connect your computer.
  6. Now, open a web browser and type if you cannot find the setup.

Method 2: Setup The Extender Range Without Using A Ethernet Cable

  1. In order to turn on the range extender, plug it to the power outlet.
  2. Now,  navigate to your Computer and select the wireless connection that appears on the taskbar and check the available networks.
  3. Search for Linksys Extender Setup and connect it with an open network. After the connection is done, open your browser. Automatically the setup page will appear.
  4. If the setup page doesn’t appear, then at the top of your browser, type Alternatively, you can also use the Default IP Address of Linksys Extender.
  5. After the extender setup page is displayed,  just keep on following the instructions that come on-screen and proceed the set-up process.
  6. Now, change the language if you want and accept the Terms and Conditions. Hit the next button.
  7. A list of networks will appear. Please select the desired network which you intend to extend. Now, type the Password of your existing router and click on the next button.
  8. If you want you can now change the name of your network and the password or can leave them as a default. Now, hit the next button.
  9. Lock the extender with the help of admin password. Now,  select the next button and save the settings.
  10. Reboot your Linksys range extender. After restarting you can easily plug the extender anywhere within the range and connect it.  

Method 3: Setup The Extender Range With Ethernet Cable

Apply the steps that are given below in order to set up the extender with the help of an ethernet cable:

  1. Connect the Linksys Range Extender with the PC through an Ethernet Cable.
  2. In the power outlet, plug the Range Extender and wait until all the LED lights are stable and blinking normally.
  3. Now, open the web browser and type IP Address of the router which is
  4. Enter the username and password as “admin” and select the login option.
  5. Select the Wireless settings. Set the radio button to Manual. Now, enter the SSID of your main router.
  6. Enter the WEP Key or WPA/WPA Mixed mode key. Now, restart the Range Extender and also start the router as well.
  7. The range extender will automatically start functioning this indicates that the setup is done successfully.

Hope the steps that are given will help you to set up your range extender successfully. But in case, you have any confusion with the methods or steps, please do post comments below.

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