How To Setup Netgear WiFi Extender: Flawless Fixes

Netgear is one of the leading manufactures of good quality routers as well as WiFi extenders. Netgear is renowned for its worldwide share of high performance and durability. Due to its brilliant performance from its product, users mostly prefer it. Netgear products do not disappoint its users. The router provides signals in limited obstacles that can weaken the signal. For this problem, users need a device similar to Netgear range extenders. For this reason, they must know how to set up Netgear WiFi Extender.

The WiFi Extender connects wirelessly to the router and also selects the signal and restores it. Transmission speed is not equivalent to the base station, and it connects to clients through a range extender and increases the delay for each hop.

There are many purposes for which you need to set up the Netgear WiFi Extender. You can add a wired network as a wireless network to the computer. In other words, you can enhance the coverage of your wireless networking. It gives features like 64-bit and 128-bit WEP and WPA / WPA2 encryption.

If you don’t know how to set up Netgear Wifi Extender, then you can follow this article. Here you can get some useful tricks to resolve the issue efficiently.

Netgear WiFi Extender Setup: Explained

The processes of setup Netgear wifi extender is easy and pretty straightforward. It totally depends on WPS or Wi-Fi protected setup. It allows web-enabled clients connections without access to the Netgear routers’ configuration dashboard or network security key.

Solution One: Setup Netgear Wifi Extender Without Ether Port

First of all, reset your WiFi Extender settings, for that, you must keep it in its factory default settings. For this, press and hold the factory settings key for 1-2 seconds that is located on the side panel.

Now, connect the extender via Wifi. In the address box, type in ‘https;//’. You will see that a pop-up notification will appear on the screen where you have to enter the credentials like your username and the passcode. In case if you did not change the credentials before then, you have to put the default username and the password. Your default username is “MyWifiExt,” and the password is “Netgear.”

Now go through the on-screen instructions to set up your connection. And hope by this method you will be successfully connected to the devices via the extender.

Solution Two: Setup Netgear Wifi Extender Through Ether Port

First, connect the extender and keep waiting for some moment till the power LED changes to green. Then, connect the wireless network with your device. Go to the web browser from the device; the browser will directly take you to the onscreen New Extender Setup.

This will serve you with a list of more available wireless networks, which are available in the range. When you complete the search, you will see a list of names of every wireless network. Select a new non-existent wireless network that you want to extend.

If your new wireless network is activated securely, a pop-up box will appear where you will need to enter the passphrase.

In case if your router supports dual-band, then you must choose both networks and then tap on the option “Continue”. But if it does not allow you to select the options then choose “My router does not support Dual band”.

You need to change your extension’s wireless settings. If you prefer not to make any changes, then, click on Continue and then finish the complete setup process. Then, attach the devices you want to connect with the network.

When successfully connected to the network, navigate to the screen of the extender and check the option “My wireless devices are connected to the extender network”. When done, press the Finish button and close the entire setup page.

Solution Three: Through Netgear Set Up Software

First, plug the machine to a power outlet for starting the process Netgear Range Extender Setup. Always keep in mind, that the extender should be located within the limit of your router’s wireless network.

Next, recognize & connect the Netgear setup network by your wifi allowed device. Now, open a web browser and type in the URL “http://netgear.range” and press Enter. Alternatively, you can also type the IP address that is to start Netgear wifi extender setup page. In the next page, choose on the “Get started” icon. There, you can select a wireless network that you require to extend. When done, select “Next”. If you can’t see the network then refresh your device and wait for the router to connect to the network.

Then, verify the password of your Netgear setup. In case, you are using a dual-band network, then select the second wireless network. And at the final stage, click on OK to proceed.

Additional Tips To Remember

While you are working with Netgear Wifi Extender you should keep in mind some additional tips.

Check whether LED is flickering or not. If it does not flicker, then it means that your extension is not connected to wireless networks.

Check whether LED is fixed, in that case, the extender is connected to wireless networks but the signal is weak. It can give a slow performance. Be sure about the region because some signals fail to cross certain areas. The reason may due to some metal appliances in its path, or some architectural interference.

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