A Complete Guide On “How To Update Router Firmware”

Updating the router firmware is important because it fixes many bugs and technical flaws of your router. A time-to-time update of the firmware is an indispensable in your router. This keeps your gadget safe and secure. To know more about “how to update router firmware?”, you can follow check this article.

Reason To Update Router Firmware

A thought may have come across your mind that why you should update your router’s firmware. In general, the firmware is the Operating System of your router. It is one of the main reason why you are able to operate with your router. In this context, we will look at two reasons for updating the router firmware. Have a glance below:


Security Fixes

Security is an essential factor, and so the manufacturer of your router can provide regular firmware patches. This is to fix the vulnerabilities and bugs that may have been present in your router. These security fixes are very important, and you must follow them regularly because it can compromise the security of your router.

Performance Improvement

Updating the router firmware can also improve the overall performance of the router and also enhance its security. The advantage of performance improvement includes speed boost and increases the effectiveness of the router.

Procedure To Update Firmware On Router

Performing a firmware update is different for different routers. But all of them have a similar approach in regards to upgrade the firmware. The steps for such are listed down below.

Step 1: Sign In To The Administrator Account Of Your Router

Most routers use web-based administration which means that you need to type the IP address of the router and enter into the administrator account. This IP address is confidential and varies from one router to the other. So, check the default address of your router brand.

After you enter the IP address, the administrator login page for the router appears. There you need to type the default admin username and the password for the same. Once you do so, you will be redirected to your router’s login page.

Step 2: Navigate To The Upgrade Section Of The Administrator Page

The upgrade section is usually present at the front page of the router administrator page. In some routers, it may be present under the router setup page, or under the maintenance tab. In some case, it is present in the Firmware update section also.

Step 3: Download The Latest Router Firmware

In some routers, you may not be able to update the latest firmware directly from the administrative console. In that case, you may have to download the newest router firmware settings beforehand and then install the same. But make sure that whatever you are downloading from the internet are genuine and scan them entirely to verify that they are virus-free. Download the firmware from a trusted site and be careful while doing so because if a malicious file enters into the machine, then it can damage your system. Scan the files you download with a good antivirus. If you found any file infected with a computer virus, then delete it instantly.

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