Lenovo Keyboard Not Working- Know Easy Hacks

If your Lenovo laptop’s keyboard is not working properly, then it is necessary to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Although Lenovo makes quality laptops and the other devices, it has some niggling issues that can hamper users work. There can be several reasons for malfunctioning of the keyboard Lenovo keyboard. Generally, the keyboard problem arises after installing or updating the Windows to the latest version. Thus, go through the article to fix the keyboard problem on the Lenovo laptop.

Solutions To Solve The Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Not Working

If your Lenovo keyboard not working properly, then troubleshoot the issue by yourself. The keyboard problem is not a critical problem as it seems. With the help of proper technique and determination, you can easily get rid of this issue. Hence, here is the list of some effective solution try to follow these steps.

Restart Your Laptop

Restarting system could fix various hardware problems within an instant. So before proceeding to the difficult steps try to resolve the problem with the help of this useful hack. After the restart verify if the keyboard is functioning or not. If not then jump onto the next step.

Upgrade The BIOS To Solve The Keyboard Not Working

If your Lenovo Laptop keyboard is not working, then you need to keep your BIOS up to date. To update BIOS first extract the BIOS file. In some cases, the user needs to unzip the BIOS file. So double tap the file and then select the Extract tab.  Then wait for the folder to open.

Before starting the BIOS update go through the text document named readme. Next, you need to store the BIOS update file on a flash drive or an external hard disk. So insert the USB drive then click the BIOS files and transfer it to the USB folder. Keep your USB drive like this until the process is complete.

Then, open the BIOS page by tapping the Windows key. And then click Restart to launch the BIOS startup by pressing any function key. If you are unaware of the BIOS key, then search Google. After locating the BIOS key, we recommend you to Backup your BIOS. If you are unable to restore the BIOS, then don’t worry since all BIOS pages have not the Backup option.

After that enable the BIOS update with the help of the BIOS update key. As you know every BIOS varies from each other, so it is necessary to take guidance from BIOS manufacturer’s site. Next, leave your system idle for some time because the updating process can take several minutes or hour. Once the task is over the system will restart itself, or it will ask for your confirmation. Make sure you do not shut down your computer in the midway of the process. If you do so, the BIOS will get corrupted, and ultimately it will hamper your system.

Press The Faulty Keys Diagonally

Users whose Lenovo laptop keyboard is not working properly, then they can opt for this method. To resolve the problem, you need to tap the problem keys diagonally for a couple of minutes. This will do the trick.

Troubleshoot The Problem By Removing The Cable And Battery

Lenovo Laptop users who were witnessing the issue can try this solution. First, power off your computer, then remove the battery and unplug the cable. Next, tap and hold the primary button for a minute. After that, reinstall the battery and connect cable again. Restart your Machine and examine if the keyboard functioning or not.

System Restore

If the keyboard stopped function immediately after updating Windows, then it is better to do a System Restore. To do a system restore first open Control Panel. Go to Small icons and select system. After clicking the system, you need to choose the System protection located on the left. Then tap System Restore and click OK to start the process.


Next user needs to create a restore point by changing the time and date of their system and select Next. After that make the necessary changes and select the Next button. When the changes are done, the user will get a prompt click Finish and choose Yes to do the Restore. Reboot your Computer and see the keyboard is working or not.

Final Words

Lenovo Laptop is a top class computing devices. But as you know, that machines are bound to get faulty at some point in time. So, that’s why the Lenovo Laptop keyboard may not work sometimes. Hence, if you are encountering the same problem then take help from the list of solutions as mentioned above and solve the issue.