Quick Steps To Add Linksys Smart WIFI Port Forwarding

Linksys Smart WiFi is a very basic firewall that helps to protect the network from unwanted access from the internet. You need to open a port through it because this firewall blocks the incoming connection. This process of opening a port is called Port Forwarding. You are forwarding a port from the internet to the home network.

However, there are two types of Port forwarding.

  1. Single Port Forwarding
  2. Port Range Forwarding.

Single Port Forwarding: Single Port Forwarding allows you to set up public services on the network. These services include a web server, email server or other specialized internet services like video conference, online gaming.

Port Range Forwarding: This is used for forwarding multiple ports.

Step Up Single Port Forwarding:

To proceed with single port forwarding, you have to follow some steps.

Open your Linksys Smart WiFi’s cloud account. Select ‘Security’ option.

On the ‘Security’ section, select ‘Apps and Gaming’ option. After doing this, select ‘Single Port forwarding.’ tab and click the ‘Add a new single port forwarding’ button.

Then, enter the details of the device you want to forward. Enter “Application Name, ‘External and Internal’ port. Finally, Click ‘Save’ button, then click ‘Apply’ and ‘Ok.’

How To Setup Static IP Address:

You have to set up a static IP address in the device for forwarding the port. If the device rebooted, yet the port would remain open. Here the process to set up an IP address.

Go to the ‘Control Panel’. Click on the ‘Network and Internet.’ Open the file, then click on the ‘Views network status and tasks’. Then you will see an option called ‘Wireless network connection.’ Tab on ‘Properties’ then selects ‘Internet Protocol version’ and press on ‘propertise.’

Check the box which placed before ‘Use the following IP address.’ in this section you have to give default IP address and click on ‘Ok.’

Note The Port You Need To Forward:

Port number distinguishes the difference between the processes and other network services that pass through the router. At the time of joining or hosting these ports requires. There are different ports numbers for specific games.

Step Up Port Range Forwarding:

Access the wifi web-based setup page. Click on the ‘Application and gaming> Port Range Forward’. There you need to provide ‘Application name’. After that enter the port number and IP address of your computer.

Then click ‘Save Change.’

After applying the above method, now, you can check whether the ports are open or not.


Hope the above-mentioned solution may help you in port forwarding. For more pieces of information, you can visit official sites for further information or you can also comment your query in the comment section below.

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