Resolve Canon Printer Offline With Amazing Hacks

Canon printers have been providing the best quality printing for years at lower to premium price. It is merged with modern technology. It can also do multiple tasks like scan, copy and fax within minutes. But also, these features are not free from errors. Specific hardware and other problems affect the output and slow down the process. Nowadays users are facing an issue regarding Canon printer offline. Follow this guide to learn how to fix Canon printer offline with ease.

What Causes Canon Printer To Show Offline?

Canon printers are long-lasting and have lots of features, but at times, due to both software and hardware problems, their status seems as offline. A probable cause behind this can be poor internet connection. If the internet server is down or the IP address of your device is different, then your Canon printer may be in the offline state.

Another reason behind the trouble can be related to the printer driver. If the file system is corrupt and out of date, then you may get pop-up notifications. If you accidentally delete any folder, the printing status will be offline even if the device is switched on. In some cases, the hardware related issues are responsible for the error. Such as, if the power button or USB cords are broken or damaged, the ink cartridge is blocked due to solidified ink on the print head, the ink container may have insufficient ink to print a set number of pages, etc.

Whatever the causes may be, you must apply some procedures to resolve it. In this article, some of the possible hacks are discussed. You can try the methods to solve the glitch.

Probable Solutions To Fix Canon Printer Offline

Follow these simple methods to resolve the issue quickly. Go through the techniques and give a try!.

Method One:

Since Canon printers can be both wired or wireless, at first, check the internet connection and ensure the WiFi is enabled. Switch off your router at first. Then after few minutes switch it on again. In this similar manner, you can turn off your computer and turn it on after some time. Make sure you have a good and secure connection. Now check the USB cable. If all these are working correctly, then the problem will be resolved. But in the case, if the problem is not solved then follow the next step.

Method Two:

If the first method could not help you then review this one. To do so, first of all, you need to turn off your Canon printer and switch it on. Then, tap on the ‘Windows logo’ and ‘I’ simultaneously and move to Settings. Now, select Devices and tap on the option “Device and Printers.”  Right-click and see the Canon printer status using the mouse. You can also click the next option on the list to set the printer as a default one. Next, tap on Printer and see which icons are marked as ticked. Remove them and move to the next step. Go for a test print to see if the problem is resolved.

Method Three:

You can check if there are still some glitches with the Canon printer itself. Uncover the lid and open the printer access door. Then check if there are the least number of paper or thickened ink in the print head. Use a clean piece of cloth to clean the print head and be sure the cartridge tank has enough ink to print the pages.

Try to disconnect the USB cord and attach it with some other printer. If your output is perfect, then you need to repair the previous machine.

You can also change the spooler of your Canon printer. Just tap on Windows logo and R simultaneously. Now type the command “services.msc” under Open dialog box and click OK. On the fresh page, press P to view a list of Spooler Service. Now check if the status is OK. If it is not, right click with your mouse and Start with the operation. You can also tap on Restart icon to make changes in the Spooler Service. Close all the Windows and the Settings.

Method Four:

Sometimes a simple update of the printer driver can fix the issue as well. Corrupt and junk files can take up a lot of space in RAM and can affect the Canon printer driver. Hence, you should clean the unnecessary items and upgrade the printer driver. If you do it manually, move to the official website of  Canon printer and purchase the driver that is compatible with the operating system you are presently using. Else you can download and install some tools to upgrade the printer driver. You can open the Settings of your PC and enable it to perform the function.

Method Five:

If the above solutions fail to help you then follow this one and fix the error quickly. So, at first, review and make sure that printer is not set to offline. Then,  navigate to the Start menu and tap on the option “Printers and Faxes.” You can see that a new window will open with the list of printers set up with your computer. After that, select the printer name you want to change to online by right-clicking on it. Then from the newly opened window select the option “Printer” and untick the box that notifies “Use Printer Offline.” By this method, you will surely get rid of the error permanently.

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