How To Resolve HP Laptop Black Screen Error

HP Computers have always been the sheer winner when it comes to providing the finest user experience. In order to maintain the hardware and software system performance, HP develops their devices with different models. Sometimes some devices operate in the latest changes, but in some cases, users have problems with the updated device. Although it’s not a major issue but still its annoying to use a laptop with an inoperative screen. If you are facing the same, then resolving the problem is quite important. So here we would be addressing how to solve the HP laptop black screen error.

A black screen error means the monitor displays nothing on its screen when its powered on. Sometimes the device can also shut down without any prior notice.

This error may occur due to various reasons like overheating, electronic failure or poor supply, etc. Sometimes the motherboard related issue can also be the reason for the black screen errors. Improper use of a charger or USB port can harm your computer, and you may face the problem. Apart from that, if you are using a bad or corrupt graphics card for many days, you may get the error.

HP black screen is that kind of trouble which may leave you puzzled. Because the device with a black screen tends to leave the device to be a useless one. Keeping that in mind, in this article we have come up with a few essential details on this particular matter.

How To Fix HP Laptop Black Screen?

These are the steps which you can follow to solve the issue efficiently. On the other hand, this article will act as a complete guide to the essential fixes to resolve the issue.

Method One: Hard Reset Of Your Laptop

Generally, your HP laptop with defective hardware can create a black screen, so remove the attached equipment from your computer and see where the problem is.

To do this, at first, switch off your laptop. Then, remove the essentials like hard drives, battery, and the power cable from the device. After that, tap and hold down the power key for almost about thirty seconds and then release it. Now, attach the battery and the charger again with your system. But remember one thing that doesn’t plug anything excluding the charger and the battery. Now, restart your laptop and check if the error gets solved.

If it fixes the black screen problem on your HP laptop, then you can close your system and plug one peripheral device at once and see if the problem can be reproduced. But in case if it still showing the issue then follow the next method.

If you are unable to log in to your Windows laptop, please note that before you can try the following solutions. You will need to boot your laptop in Safe Mode.

Method Two: Upgrade Drivers

Seldom updating the driver can solve HP laptop black screen. Thus update the drivers by following the steps. At first, navigate to the HP manufacturer’s website. Then, go to the Software and Driver Downloads page. If you see the option “Let’s identify your product to get started” then tap on the option “Laptop” Now in the search box, enter the model name of your laptop. Else you can enter the serial number and select the option Submit. Then from the list choose your products.

The software results page for your computer displays with the selected default Operating System. You need to change the Operating System of your laptop, so tap on Change. Then, choose your version and finally click Change.

If you are using Internet Explorer, then you might get a warning notification, you have to select Run. After selecting Run, the update will starts downloading automatically. Finally, go through the instruction shown on the screen.

Method Three: Boot In Safe Mode

By booting your device in Safe Mode can resolve the issue as well. So, to follow this method you need to go through the steps mentioned below.

At first, switch on your device.  And access the sign-in screen. Then press Shift and then tap on the power button and select Restart. In case if you are unable to see anything on the screen then start the device and press the power button when the blue Windows logo appears and reboot again.

Now, go to the Advanced menu and choose Troubleshoot. Then, select Startup settings. In this section press the key F5 or 5 to start the Safe mode. Then, tap on the Restart button.

Method Four: Disable Fast Startup

Sometimes by simply disabling the Fast Startup option, you can fix the issue as well. To do the steps follow the methods mentioned below.

First, navigate to the Control Panel in your HP laptop. Then, look at the small icons seen on the monitor. After that, tap on Power option and choose the option “Choose what power buttons do”.  Next, select “Change settings that are currently unavailable” and uncheck the option “Turn on fast startup”. Proceed the process by clicking on the icon “Save Changes”. Finally, restart your device and check if the error still appears or get fixed.

Method Five: Disconnect The External Hard Drives

Seldom faulty external hard drives like the mouse, the keyboard can be the reason for the HP laptop black screen. So, power off your laptop and disconnect all the external peripherals from your laptop. Now, turn on your device and check if the error persists or not.

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