Troubleshoot The Dell AC Power Adapter Type Cannot Be Determined

Dell is a famous American company that deals with computing technologies and other related products. The company manufactures Desktop, laptop, storage device and various peripherals of several electronic gadgets. But users have more affinity towards Dell laptops. Since Dell makes quality laptops at an affordable price range. Also, the build quality is quite impressive in terms of performance. The computer also has long-lasting battery life so that users can get maximum benefit from their electronic device. But recently many Dell customers reporting that the adapter of the Dell laptop is not functioning correctly. And Dell AC power adapter type cannot be determined.

It is a common issue, and this type of problem can arise in any given laptop. Hence don’t worry before taking any drastic action try to diagnose the issue and then resolve the error. The main reason behind the issue, due to incompatible changer or it is not detected by the machine. The 3rd pin of the power connector identifies the power supply unit. But in some cases, the connector cannot detect the PSU. Due to this the laptop do not receive any signal, and thus PSU cannot charge the battery. So it is essential to fix the issue as PSU protects the machine from the higher voltage. And if the problem persists then your Laptop performance will degrade continuously.

Hence we recommend you to fix the problem as quickly as possible. So let’s see the effective ways to solve the power adapter problem in your Dell laptop.

Solutions For AC Adapter Cannot Be Recognized

The problems like this can arise due to the fault in the charger. Else the charger identification may get damaged. If you are encountering such issue, then the motherboard of your Laptop ‘might be at fault. Fortunately, these issues can be resolved with the help of proper troubleshooting technique. Since there is no issue with the battery, so you can easily get away from this critical situation. Thus, here is a list of methods that can deal with the AC adapter problem in your Dell laptop.

Troubleshoot The Issue By Reconnecting The Adapter

If you are getting the error message, then try this hack to resolve the issue. First, disconnect the power cord from your laptop and then reinsert the cord with force. You can also unplug all the cables and connectors from the central pin as well to fix the error. Resetting the machine do the trick in most of the cases. But if the problem persists, then discharge all the power from your Laptop. Otherwise, move on to the next step.

Replace Your DC Power Jack

We have received many reports regarding substandard charging ports and soldering in Dell laptops. So if you are going through the same situation, then we recommend you to change the charging port. Because, the issue won’t go away even if we resolve the problem. So it is better to replace the power jack with a new one.

To replace the port, you need to open the power board that is attached to the socket. First, disintegrate your Laptop, disconnect all the ports and charging point from the motherboard. And replace it with the latest power jack. You can buy the DC charging port from the manufacturer’s website or nearest Dell Repair store. While buying the port verify the part numbers and check the compatibility of the units and wires.

If the DC input is soldered onto the motherboard, then you need to solder it back again after removing the jack. After changing the charging port see whether the problem solves or not. If the error still exists then replace your motherboard with a new one.

Deactivate The Adapter In BIOS

If the message is still bothering you, then you can terminate the Adapter Warnings in BIOS. To apply this method, first, restart your Laptop and hold F2 to enter the BIOS. After opening the BIOS choose the Advanced Tab with the help of the Keyboard. Next, explore and go to the Adapter Warnings. Disable the Warning option and Save the changes you made and click on Exit.

Thus in this way user can troubleshoot the AC adapter problem in their Dell Laptop. With the help of BIOS, you can quickly solve the issue, and the problem will not bother you anymore. If you are unable to operate the BIOS, then follow the next step.

Buy A New Charger or AC Adapter

After trying all the necessary steps, if you are unable to resolve the error then there can be a problem in the charger. But before coming into any conclusion use the charger on a different laptop.

If you are getting the same error message on a separate system, then it is appropriate to change the charger. User can still attempt to repair the AC adapter but is of no use. Because your charger can get faulty after working for a considerable amount of time. Hence, buying a brand new charger or an AC adapter would be a wise move. Before buying a charger make sure that you choose a correct charger that supports your Laptop. Match the numbers of the new chargers otherwise, you will get the same problem.      


So as you can see that AC adapter problem is a critical issue. If you neglect the problem, then it can have a severe impact on your system. The AC adapter problem will not prevent your Laptop to power on. But it can slow down the performance of the computer. Due to this, users might not use their Dell laptop properly. Thus you need to pay utmost attention while troubleshooting the issue. Hence, take the help of the accurate techniques as given above and solve the charger issue on your Dell laptop.