Update Graphics Driver Windows 10 – Get Easy Solutions

In this article, we will discuss “how to update graphics driver Windows 10”? As you know, the graphics card enables the computer to support images and graphics. The graphics card is connected to the motherboard of the system. It accepts all the digital information from the CPU, and it sends resultant video or image to the monitor as output. There are several types of Graphics cards available in the market. Users generally purchase graphics card for gaming. As a high-end video card or graphics card supports advanced gaming. Nowadays, the graphics card has its own cooling system. Since it spends a high amount of energy and it produces excessive heat as well.

If you want to have a quality experience while playing games, then it is necessary to upgrade your graphics driver. Because now every game demands high graphics so that gamers can get an awesome gaming experience. Thus, it is quite essential to update the graphics driver Windows 10.

Know “How To Update Graphics Driver In Windows 10?”

A driver is an essential piece of program that enables Windows OS to communicate with various components of the system. Windows automatically install and download essential device drivers. But for Graphics driver user need to install them manually. Let’s see how we can upgrade the graphics driver.

Control Panel

Users shouldn’t update any driver manually unless its necessary. However, if you want to upgrade the graphics driver then follow these steps. If you’re going to install the most recent graphics drivers, then take the help of the Control Panel. Processors like Nvidia and AMD have inbuilt control panel software.

So, use the application as these are quite simple to install and easy to use. You need to download the application and follow the instruction and then update the graphics driver. Users can also download the latest driver direct from the official manufacturer website. After downloading the required driver then go through the instruction to install the graphics driver.

PC manufacturers like Dell, HP, Asus, and others can change the Intel drivers functionalities. Thus, if you are using any branded device, then download the newest graphics driver.

If you want to verify the driver, then take the assistance of the Device Manager. First, click the Start tab. Browse the menu to locate the Device Manager. Once you enter the window expand the section of the hardware you upgraded. After that click the device and choose Properties then tap the Driver tab. In this tab, the user needs to verify the time and date other relevant information. If all the information is correct, then you can upgrade the graphics driver.

Download The Graphics Drivers From Computer Manufacturers

If you are looking to download the appropriate video drivers from PC manufacturers then use this technique. Before downloading the driver, you need to be familiar with the System model name. Also, users need to know the specification of the Operating System that is running on your PC. If you are unaware of these vital properties, then follow this hack.

Press Windows key +R together to open the run program. Write “msinfo32” and tap OK. Once you are done with this step, the System Information window will appear. Check the system model it is the model name of your computer. After knowing the vital information, you can carry out the process of upgrading your graphics driver from the manufacturer’s site.

Update The Video Drivers Directly From The Graphic Card Manufacturer’s

There is another way to update the Intel graphics driver in Windows 10. With the help of the graphics card model and OS version, the users can download the tool from the Official site. To make this process work first enter devmgmnt.msc and tap Enter to get access to the Device Manager. You can see the graphics card name by expanding the Display adapters. If you have more than one graphics card, then you will notice more than one driver in this section.

To Wrap Up

After reading the article, we hope that now you can upgrade the graphics card driver. As you aware that video or graphics drivers assist your computer in projecting several hi-fi images and video and it also helps to support games for the users. Hence it is necessary to update your graphics card for the system. If you don’t know how to upgrade the driver then go through the solution portion as mentioned above.


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