View WiFi Password Windows 10: Get Easy Hacks

WiFi device is used to access the internet through a wireless connection. Multiple devices can be connected up to a certain range of area. You just need to turn on the WiFi of your mobile or laptop and it will automatically search for the available WiFinetwork. Whoever tries to access will be prompted to give the WiFi password and thereafter they will be allowed to access the WiFi.

You should always encrypt the WiFi network device with a password otherwise any hacker might access the network and tamper the systems. In case, you have recently changed the password or have forgotten it, you will not be able to log in and get the WiFi access. But there are multiple ways to view WiFi password Windows 10. In this article, we will discuss easy hacks to get the WiFi password.

How To Find WiFi Password In Windows 10?

You should always set a password that you can remember easily. But in case, you have forgotten then do not worry. Here are some of the easy hacks to view WiFi password.

Retrieve Password From Wireless Network Properties

The simplest way to see the WiFi password is from the Wireless Network properties. Follow the instructions given below to view WiFi Password.

  • Open Windows Settings and select Network & Internet.
  • Next, click on the Wi-Fi tab and choose Network and Sharing located on the left.
  • Click on the Connections [Wi_Fi link].
  • Window Status dialog box will open. Here, select Wireless Properties.
  • Next, select on the Security tab and select the “Show Characters” option to view WiFi password Windows 10.

Recover WiFi Password Using Command Prompt

  • Go to the Start Menu and type “Cmd” and open Command Prompt.
  • Right-click on command prompt and run it as administrator.
  • Write the following command in the Prompt Window “netsh wlan show profiles”.
  • The above command is executed to show the Username. To view WiFi password “netsh wlan show profile name=Profile-Name key=clear”
  • Go to the Security Settings the password can be viewed by the side of Key Content.

This is how you can check wifi password windows 10. If this process does not help you out, you can implement the next solution.


View Password From Router Log In Page

If you are connected to WiFi but have forgotten the password then, you can also view the password from router login page. Type in “” in the browser address bar of your web browser. Enter the Username as Admin and password in the password field. A new window will be opened and you will be able to view the Username and password. The login address might be different for other routers. You can contact your Internet Service Provider for information.

These were some of the effective methods on how to find wifi password windows 10. We hope that you will be able to easily retrieve the forgotten password.

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