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Technology is one of the greatest strengths to the human kind. From inception to the recent technological revolution, technology has changed the whole course of humanity and their lifestyle. Right now, there is basically nothing that you can’t achieve in the presence of such advanced technologies. With this immense increase in high-end technical advancements, we are getting much more dependant on machines. That’s why it is also pretty obvious to face some of the frequent issues with it in our daily life.

In each and every sector of our daily life, technology is something which is used in a frequent manner. So, if you face any issues with it, it’s always better to connect with any of the professional experts out there. Now, everyone is not tech-savvy, and so, tackling the issues all by yourself can be a bad idea. Experts are the best persons out there to help you in such situations. They will not only discuss the matter with you but will also provide some of the most effective solutions with it. You can even reach out to us at TechPulse 360 for the best assistance required.

Issues That May Require Technical Assistance  

As there is no limitation to what technology can achieve, there are also a number of issues that may be a reason for your headache. While talking about technical servicing, there are some of the categories that you need to know. We basically categorize the all technical issues into a couple of domains. So, first, have a look at those domains for which we provide the services.

It includes Laptop and PCs, Mac, Routers, Printers, Browsers, smartphones and many more.

Laptop and PCs

HP, Lenovo, Dell, Asus, Acer etc. are some of the most well-known organizations out there in manufacturing PC or laptops. While using any of these laptops, there are a number of issues that you may face. It can be regarding the hardware and even for the software itself. Whenever we are talking about a PC or a laptop, there are a certain number of aspects with which you may face the issues. Connectivity, security, malware, and bugs related issues, display issues, driver issues, and many others are pretty common. Now, let’s elaborate on some of the frequent issues we have discussed in here.


Connectivity is one of the main aspects of using any kind of technical systems. Without proper connectivity, any kind of communication or transportation system can come across critical failures. If we talk about the connectivity residing in the PC, then WiFi, Bluetooth, Hotspot etc. are some of the important aspects to talk about.


It is one of the main aspects of having a PC or laptop. It helps you in securing the personal data and documents which are essential for you. There may be a certain number of situations when you will find that the security of the system you are using is not working in the proper way. At that time your personal data and documents may fall in grave danger or even any third party may get access to your personal data. In such situations, it is always better to have the expert’s view of the security issue you are facing.

Malware and Bugs attack-

In some cases, your system may get affected with some of the malware and bugs out there. They will basically lead your system to a situation where it will not work in the proper way. It will first corrupt all the system files of your system which may lead you to face some of the critical issues with your system. It may also hamper all the drivers installed on the sytem you are using. Some of the malware or bugs may even help some other third parties to get access to the system you are using. In this situation, experts are the only person to help you out.

Apart from these. there are some of the other issues such as drivers issues, display issues, SMPS failure, system blackout are some of the issues that you may face with the system you are using.

So, these are some of the frequent issues that you may face with the PC or laptop you are using.


Issues Regarding Mac And iOS

Mac and iOS are two of the leading technology running in the right now. While it comes to performance and innovation, Apple has always been up to the mark. Talking about the security, they have never failed to make their users happy with it. Still having some of the latest technology with it, users are facing some of the frequent issues with it. So, let’s go and have a look at some of the issues with Mac for which we provide the proper assistance.

Accountability Issues

Accountability has been one of the main issues with the Apple devices as Mac is no different from it. In recent times some of the users are having several numbers of issues with their iCloud accounts. As we all do know that, without the proper iCloud account credentials, it’s impossible to log into the Apple device you are using. Some of the users are unable to get into their account still after providing the proper credentials, which is a critical issue. In such situations, either the users are losing all the data or they are failing to get a backup to the system or the data they were running on.

Spinning Beachball

While talking about the issues, spinning beachball is one of the main issues. If you are seeing this spinning beachball at an increasing rate, then it might be a directing to something which slowing down the Mac you are using. In such cases, it is always better to have a look at the Utility folder or the Activity monitor to see if anything is causing this or not. In such cases, some of the background application may even cause this or some of the corrupted files.Apart from that, there are some of the other issues that you may face while using a Mac such as the unresponsive apps, incompatible login items etc.

Printer Errors

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A printer is one of that essential machinery that packs a punch with its all-round ability in printing and other photocopies. Being such an important device, sometimes due to some extensive usage, you can face some of the frequent issues with it. There are basically different types of issues that users can face with the printers that they use on a regular basis. So, let’s go and have a look at some of the printer issue that we deal at Techpulse360.

Slow Printing Process

One of the primary issues that a printer may face is the slow printing process. It is one of those problems for the user where they find the printing job a lot slower than other. In such cases, you are also finding out that the printer is taking an enormous amount of time just to print a normal page.

Degraded Printing Quality

In some of the cases, you can find out that the printer is providing some of the printing which is not quite up to the mark. In such cases, blur printing, printing format degradation, ink disequality can be seen as a result. Low image quality basically degrades the printing quality as the printing looks full of smudge and at last, the printing quality becomes pretty much of sloppy and unprofessional.

Printer Error 0x69

It is one of those frequent issues that the users are facing in recent times. In this error state, even if your printer cartridge is full, the system is showing you the no ink indication for which you find yourself unable to print any kind of documents.

Issues With Smartphones

While talking about the smartphones, it is one of those devices which are being used all across the globe. It has not only helped us to establish a proper a communication but also has provided some of the innovative features. As it is only a piece of machinery, facing issues with it is a very common thing. So, let’s go and have a look at some of the frequent issues that you may with the smartphones.

You may face issues such as battery problem, theme center issues, custom ROM issues, connectivity issues etc. If you are facing any of these issues, no need to worry. Experts at Techpulse360 are always there for you to help.

Last but not least, we if you are facing any of the issues with the routers, then we are also there for you. If you are using any of the routers such as Belkin, Asus or Dlink, you may face some of the frequent issues such as connectivity issues, transmission issues, IP conflictions etc. You may connect with us for any of the router issues you are facing.    

Technical issues may arise at any moment in our life, so being connected with the experts is always an important option to have for you. Techpulse360 brings you the best services for the issues you are facing with your all-important gadgets. So, let’s go and have a look at some of the premium services that we provide.

Services Offered By Techpulse360

When it comes to the technical issues we are always there for you to help with the issues you are facing in daily life. If you are facing any of the technical issues with the gadgets or the systems you are using, taking any of the sudden decisions by yourself can be an amateur option. In such cases, consulting the issue with some of the professional experts is the best way for you to have. They will surely help you out with some of the best solutions out there for the issue you are facing. We also provide all kind of software support required for your help.  

Time-Variant Services

At Techpulse360, you will be assured of the best time-bounded services available in the market. It is something where we give the most of our efforts to provide you the service in time.  Offering the time variant services is one of the main aspects of our premium services.

Cost-friendly Solutions

At Techpulse360, service is something that we keep above the cost you are providing for the service. We respect the affordability you are providing from your end that’s why you may remain carefree as we will be providing the premium services at a reasonable cost.

Experts Of Immense Quality

While providing the best services for you to help, expert’s choice remains the main aspect for us to provide you. Experts at Techpulse360 will provide you the best services required from your end. They are always up to the mark while it comes to the customer’s satisfaction. They will not only discuss the issue with you but will also provide you with some of the best solutions for the issue you are facing.

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While connecting us is the main priority, you don’t have to worry about that. You can connect with us wherever or whenever you want.

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You can connect with us just by dialing our Techpulse360 Technical Support Number and have a conversation with our experts at Techpulse360. You can discuss the matter with the professionals regarding the issue you are facing for the proper solution.

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You can also get in touch with us by emailing us at our official mail ID (Techpulse360 mail ID) for the issue you are encountering. Our experts will surely get back to you with practical solutions. Also, don’t forget to mention in the mail about the issue you are facing.

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You can even have a live chat with one of the experts at Techpulse360 for the technical problems you are facing. They will surely get in touch with you with some of the premium solution available out there for you. To have a live chat with one of our experts, you can log into our website and start a live chat with any one of the officials to get the experts assistance. So, connect with us as we are always there to help you out.  


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