iPhone Support – The Ultimate Solutions For iPhone Issues

iPhones are the greatest creation of Apple Inc. Among all the iOS devices, iPhones gained the maximum popularity. At present, there is no smartphone in the market that can outrun iPhones. These gadgets are durable, handy and pack all the latest technology. However, like every other tech gadgets, iPhones also have some shortcomings. After years of use, these devices turn slow and battery-related problems occur. Some common glitches are error codes are quite known to the users. And you can resolve them at home. But there are some other critical problems too. For those, you will need iPhone Support. If the iPhone is causing some issues and you need professionals to fix them, then TechPulse 360 is what you need.

Here, you can get reliable tech assistance for iPhones. All our experts have specialized in dealing with Apple devices, especially iPhones. So, there is no question of our efficiency. So, call us now to avail the best in class tech support.

Common Issues Of iPhones

Although iPhones come with a handful of advanced features, still they are not entirely flawless. Over time, you will face certain issues. Some problems are inevitable. And for this, you will need professional iPhone Support. Since the UI of iPhones are different and complicated than Android, trying fixes at home can be risky. Also, ignoring any minor issue can turn into a serious damage. So, seek help from TechPulse 360 to resolve the iPhone errors. Regardless of how critical the issue is, we have the ultimate solutions. Have a look at some of the common iPhone issues.

Operating Sytem Errors

  • Incompatibility of the version of iOS with the model of the iPhone you are using. 
  • Problems in updating the OS. 
  • Incompatibility issues after updating the iOS. 
  • Operating System crashes and auto restarts. 
  • iPhone turning off automatically due to iOS issues. 
  • System memory getting corrupted. 
  • iPhone becoming sluggish. 
  • Frequent hangs and freezes.

Issues With The Speaker

  • Sometimes you hear strange noises from the speakers, especially while playing an audio file. This sound also occurs during a phone call at times. 
  • You can face problems in playing some specific audio format. 
  • Further, you can encounter an issue with the Voice Search option. It might fail to detect your command. 
  • Problem with the sensor of the speakers is also quite common with iPhones.

Touch Related Problems

At times, you can face a problem with the touch sensor. This can specifically occur after accidental drops or liquid spills. You can also find the touch sensor getting damaged.
Glitches With The Screen/Display

  • Your iPhone’s screen can get cracked or damaged after an accidental fall. An error can also occur after you spill oil or liquid on your device. 
  • The display might not work properly. 
  • Problems with the backlight, like flickering light and sudden off, are also common. 
  • At times, you might see vertical and horizontal lines on the display.

Battery And Charging Issues

  • Overheating of the iPhone while running heavy apps are one such issue. 
  • You might find the iPhone is not charging. 
  • Sudden drainage of the battery can also happen.

iPhone Support: Services We Offer At TechPulse 360

  • Repair services for the broken screen and damaged display. 
  • Fixes for iOS related errors. 
  • Solutions for several error codes. 
  • Hardware repair services. 
  • Support with battery related issues. 
  • Eliminating problems of backlight, sound, and display. 

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Our iPhone Support covers all the issues, irrespective of how major or minor they are. You can also learn tips from our experts for further maintenance. So, get in touch with us whenever you come accross any glitches. We are available 24×7 to serve you.

Get Streamline Services With TechPulse 360

You always want the best for your iPhone. Experts of our tech support team are knowledgeable, skilled and have years of experience. Besides, they went through special training to handle iOS devices. So, you can trust us without any second thought. With TechPulse 360, your iPhone will be at safe hands as we ensure to tackle the issues you are facing with efficiency and proper care.


Customizable Services

We offer a wide range of services for iPhones. Starting from a complete examination of your device to problem-specific troubleshooting measures, you will get everything with us. So, you can customize the service package you want and pay for only what you choose.

Safety Against Data Theft

You store a lot of information on your iPhone. These data are not just important but confidential. We make sure to offer security measures against duplication and misuse of the data.

Expert Engineers

All our engineers are experienced and skilled. So, irrespective of the issue you are facing, our experts will resolve them. So, get in touch with us right now. Also, our experts use the latest and greatest tools and technology to resolve iPhone errors.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our fixes are not just the best, but affordable as well. iPhones are costly devices are so are the services. With us, you can rest assured that the device will be fixed at the lowest possible rate.
Our Channels Of Communications

At TechPulse 360, we offer three different modes through which you can place your service request. All our helplines are available round the clock. Have a look at how you can avail of iPhone Support from us.

Call Us: You can call us when you face an issue irrespective of time. Our executives are available round the clock to help you with your iPhone. Just give us a call on our iPhone Support Number USA : +1-800-297-9984 for placing your service request as well as an error discussion.

Email Us: You can also write us an email. Just write down your query in detail and send it to us. Our executives will get back to you with the best possible fixes.

Chat With Us: You can avail of our Live Chat portal as well. Send us a message and have an error discussion session with our experts. You can also place your service request via our Live Chat portal.

Do not suffer anymore with a faulty iPhone. Call us and utilize the best out of your device.