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Emails are probably one of the most important tools in the present professional world. Regardless of whether you are a student or a working professional, emails are a necessity to almost everyone. Also, plenty of users like to use email clients to manage multiple email accounts. Among popular ones, Thunderbird developed by Mozilla Corporation is a popular choice. But every software has it’s set of glitches and if you ever face problems with Thunderbird client, we are always available for help. Connect with TechPulse 360 for reliable Thunderbird Support and Services anytime you need.

Thunderbird, the email management client has been around for quite a while now. The software has users around the world but at times creates different problems. If you’re using Thunderbird and facing any weird issues with it, we are always available to help. We, here at TechPulse 360, have dedicated services to tackle such issues and eliminate them in no time at all. Let’s take a look at some usually reported issues with Thunderbird.

Commonly Reported Problems With Thunderbird Client

Thunderbird client has many top-notch features but just like any other software it too has issues. Here in this section, we are going to take a look at some of the common problems customers face and ask our experts for help. Also, the issues are of a wide range and some are complicated, rest can be dealt with easily.

Software Related Problems

Thunderbird email client is developed for various platforms. From Linux to Windows and Mac, each has its a dedicated version that one needs to download. However, not always these applications work seamlessly.

The client can produce different problems and create problems. From the application crashing to auto-refresh feature, a lot can go wrong and affect your productivity. Also, the client interacts with the open web all the time giving rise to more chances of more issues. Below are some of the most common ways the Thunderbird client malfunctions.

  • Thunderbird not opening

  • Problems installing Thunderbird client

  • Issues accessing multiple accounts

  • Problems with auto-refresh feature

  • Problems saving attachments and etc.

If you face any of these or similar issues, you can always choose TechPulse 360 for help. We have people to help you in eliminating such issues within a jiffy.

Problems Accessing Emails

Not only can the software create problems but also certain other things can create obstacles. Emails don’t generally create too much hassle but at times they can act in weird ways. From issues login to problems with attached documents, a lot are known to bother the users.

The web is full of statistics that show users searching for ways to deal with such issues on Thunderbird. Below are some problems that we found in abundance from extensive research.

  • Issues with downloading attached files

  • Problems processing attached audio files

  • Issues accessing long chain of emails

  • Thunderbird client freezing while accessing specific messages

  • Spam emails taking up space

In case you are facing any of these or similar problems, we have dedicated teams of experts to help you out. Connect with TechPulse 360’s experts and report the issue right away.

Update And Installation Errors

Like all other software, Thunderbird also gets frequent updates. These software releases help to make the application better. These updates help the software to provide optimum performance and optimized processing speed.

But updates at the same time, can produce difficulties and different sorts of errors. From downloading these updates to even installing them, different problems keep cropping out of nowhere.

If you need assistance to fix these to remove bugs and glitches, we can definitely help you out. Updates are known to come with bugs. The developers with time release more updates as bug fixes to eliminate the issues. We have professionals with years of experience in dealing with these issues without much hassle.

Why Choose TechPulse 360 For Thunderbird Support

We have done thorough research on how the software works. With proper understanding, we have designed our services to help Thunderbird users with the optimum output. Below listed are some of the most frquently asked of services that we deliver every day.

  • Assistance for fixing email loading issues

  • Fixes for software update problems

  • Bug fixes and error code removals

  • Thunderbird installation services

  • Assistance for configuring multiple email accounts

  • Security optimization


Software and data migration from one PC to a new or different one and more

If you need any of these or similar assistance we are always available to help. We understand the importance of properly working software, especially email clients hence make sure to fix the problems.

Also, with years of being in service, our experts have helped in developing a name among users. Below are some factors that helped us positively.

Round The Clock Service

Tech-related issues can happen anytime and help should be always available. We, here at TechPulse 360, are available with the full range of our services round the clock and every day of the year. Connect with us anytime for efficient fixes and gets the job done.


We make sure that every service we provide is affordable for our customers. Affordability is a genuine factor and we make sure never to rip-off our customers.

Premium Quality Service

TechPulse 360 works with some of the best professionals. Our experts have years of experience in handling tech-related problems and can assure to eliminate issues from its core. Reach out to our team of experts and simply report the encountered problem. You’ll surely get the problem resolved.

Connect With Us For Help 24×7

Connect with TechPulse 360 anytime and we assure to provide real-time fixes. Furthermore, we make sure never to let out customers down. But how to connect with us? You can contact us using any of the three available options.

Call us on our toll-free support numberĀ USA : +1-800-297-9984 or drop us an email to let us know. You can also use our Live chat portal to connect with us and get help.