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The Internet is a global system that is used for sharing documents, providing worldwide services and data communication. In today’s generation, all companies are able to operate only with the use of the internet. In one word we can say that we are blind without internet.

Often the term internet is known as ‘Net’. The main motto behind the internet is to create a network that will allow the users to research and to communicate with the outer world.

Nowadays we can’t imagine our daily life without the internet. Sometimes users often encounter some problems at the time of dealing with internet and Wi-Fi. So, if you are also encountering the same then you can reach our team of Techpulse360 for efficient internet & Wi-fi Support.

A List Of Common Problems With Solutions Encountered By Internet And Wi-Fi Users:

Slow Internet Access In Any Particular Place

As we know that, Wi-Fi is actually radio waves. So, your Wi-Fi router transmits in all regions from a primary position. In case, if your router is not near to your house then you are not able to access the internet. If you put your Wi-Fi router close to your house, you will get a better response.

In case if you have any external antennas, then you can try to adjust those in order to get a proper network coverage. And if you live in an apartment building, then, in that case, other routers may interfere with the network.

Moreover, if you see that your router overlaps with any other nearby networks, then you can switch to a less clogged channel so that you can experience the better internet.

In case, if your Wi-Fi speed is slow then attach the system directly into your modem and check the internet speed. If the speed pings, up-speed, and down-speed are ok, then leave it. But in case, if it still down, then the problem may be because of your internet connection. In that case, you can contact your service provider. Otherwise, if that is not the problem then, it may be because of your present wireless channel. In that case, change your router channel in your router settings.

Additionally, if it doesn’t help you, then you can go for a factory reset on your Wi-Fi router. In most of the routers, there is a Reset button at the Router’s back. If you hold the router with the help of any pin then it will automatically reset. You have to hold the router for 30 seconds to perform the particular operation.

System Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi

Often, you can see that this compatibility issue may occur with any particular system. This issue may occur if the system is not properly connected with the Wi-Fi router or via ethernet cable. If you are not able to connect to the Wi-Fi, then connect an ethernet cable with the laptop, and check if the connectivity issue resolves.

In that particular, try to turn off your Wi-Fi option from your machine and reconnect or enable it again. If the procedure doesn’t work properly then unplug the cable from the backside of the router and attach it again after sometimes. Even after doing the procedure written above, if it doesn’t or if the issue occurs again, then you can delete or remove it from the present network list, and connect it again.

Moreover, if you are using Windows 10 Operating System, then search for Wi-Fi troubleshooting, and open the ‘Identify and repair network issues’ option. In case of Mac Operating System, you can run through Wireless Diagnostics.

Sometimes, resetting the Wi-Fi router can fix the issue. In that case, hold the reset button on the back of the router to perform a default factory setting.

Connection Drops Suddenly

Often while working, you might face severe issue related to the Wi-Fi connections when the connection drops unexpectedly. It will create difficulties for you to work smoothly with the device.

In that case, if you change the channel then it may help you. Otherwise, if your connection overlaps with the nearby networks, then you can switch to a less congested channel. Even after performing the process if it doesn’t work, then go for a factory reset on your Wi-Fi router. To do so, use a paper clip and put it at the backside of the router for 30 sec. and see if the problem still remains then you can contact Techpulse360 experts and fix the connection problem without any delay.

Wi-Fi Connection Disappears Suddenly

Often, the users may face the internet connection lost issue when they connect their devices with the Wi-Fi.

To solve the problem, there is an alternative solution. Connect your system through an ethernet cable. Well, if you lose the record of your wireless network on any device, then you need to reset the router as well. If you are unable to resolve the issue then you can also contact our Techpulse 360 team to fix the connection problem.

Network Available, But No Internet Connection

Sometimes, users may encounter this issue if there is a problem with the internet. Here, the network stays but the connection is not properly established between the system and the Wi-Fi router.

In this particular state, try to reset your modem. To do so, unplug the modem and plug it back in the place. Otherwise, you can attach your system to your router by using an ethernet cable. Moreover, if you encounter that there is a problem with the internet connection, then you can contact your internet service provider. Even after doing the above procedure, if you are still unable to fix the issue then you can contact Techpulse360 for instant support.

Router Crashes Frequently And Needs Restart

Sometimes, because of wrong Wi-Fi configuration users may face the issue. Moreover, the router needs a frequent restart.

In case, if the Wi-Fi router needs a frequent restart, you can go for a full reset. You can find the Reset button at the router’s back side. Hold it for 30 sec. to reset it. In case, even after resetting the router if you are unable to resolve the issue then you can contact Techpulse360 for instant quick fixes.

Forget The Old Password

Sometimes, users forget the old password of their Wi-Fi router. This may cause when the user tries to connect another device under that network.

In that case, users can go for a factory reset or can connect their system or device with the Wi-Fi network by WPS Push button. If you do not have any technical knowledge then you may face the issue at the time of connecting your device. So, you can contact Techpulse360 for easy fixes.

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