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With the rapid growth of technology, we have become dependant on the internet. Nowadays, human lives revolve around social media. Instagram is one of those platforms that has changed the way of sharing media as well as human interaction. From, attractive filters to live feeds from your favorite celebrity, Instagram offers a handful of interesting features to its users. Furthermore, you can create two accounts using one email id. You can also make your profile Public or Private as per your convenience. However, at times, some problems can come up with your Insta handle. Also, you might face some other difficulties while accessing your account. Whatever the reason is, you will need professional Instagram Support to resolve such glitches.

In case you are looking for a support provider who can help you understand Instagram better, then TechPulse 360 is your answer. Here, we offer a wide range of services for every major to the minor issue of Instagram. So, whenever you are in need, opt for comprehensive services from our experts.

Comprehensive Instagram Support We Offer At TechPulse 360

Instagram provides a platform for communication all over the globe. Using IG, you not only connect with your friends and gain followers, but also follow your idols. You can see their photos, stories as well as their Instagram Live. Moreover, it a useful application and quite popular among all the ages.

If you are facing any recurring issues with your Instagram account, then do not wait any longer. Get in touch with our experts to resolve the issues in no time. Here, have a look at the common issues of Instagram and the services we offer.

Help With Creating And Adding Account

At times, you can face problems in creating an account on Instagram. Also, sometimes you fail to add another account. Although these issues seem minor, you might require Instagram Support with them. At TechPulse 360, you can get remote assistance for creating or adding the account.

Solutions For Changing Privacy Policy

If you are using Instagram, then you already know you can modify the type of your account in Private or Public. This limits who gets to view your shared content. In case you face any difficulty in changing the privacy policy of your account, contact us. Our experts will guide you with the procedure.

Assistance With Lost Password

If you forget your password or username, then you are in trouble. Typing in the wrong password several times can block your account temporarily. In such instances, get help from our professionals to recover it.

Help For Problem In Sharing Media

You might face certain problems in sharing media on Instagram. This happens especially in uploading videos. If you are facing any such issues, contact us immediately. At TechPulse360 we have certified technicians who will resolve such problems in minutes.

Solutions For Hassle-free Insta Live

Instagram’s latest feature is the Insta Live. You can also use filters in your live video. However, at times, you fail to do a Live or use filters while doing a Live. These kinds of glitches are quite common.

Apart from the services mentioned above, we have much more in the store for you. The scope of our services is not just limited to this much. If the issue you are facing is not mentioned here, then don’t fret. We have solutions for every Insta-related problems.

Opt For Best-In-Class Instagram Support

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking platforms that offers a wide range of features. You can also use your Insta handle for business purpose. Therefore, any issue with IG can be frustrating for you. So, do not waste any more time and contact experts at TechPulse 360 for optimized Instagram Support. If you are thinking why you should opt for our services, then take a look at our policies.

Skilled Technicians

All our engineers are highly skilled and have in-depth knowledge about how Instagram works. So, you can rely on us without any second thoughts. We assure you that we will resolve reported issues as soon as possible.

On-time Services

Our services are not just efficient but always on time. So, you don’t have to wait for a long time after placing your service request. You can rest assured that we will resolve the every Instagram issues within a given time.

Measures Against Fabrication Of Data

Your Instagram account contains your pictures, videos, and important information. Some data are confidential which you would like to keep private. Keeping the necessity of confidentiality in mind, we offer measures against fabrication. So, you can rely on us without any fear of falsification of data.

Customizable And Cost-efficient Services

We offer a wide range of services among which you can choose the ones appropriate for you. We also offer the option of customization the required services. Also, with us, you only pay for what you have opted for. Our services are fairly priced and you never have to worry about your budget either.

Usage Of Lastest Tools

Our engineers are not just skilled but equipped with the latest tools. We use state of the art tools and latest technology to resolve the glitches. This makes us stand out from the others.

Get Expert Tech Assitance 24*7

We always keep our customers’ convenience in mind. Therefore, offer three different channels of communication through which you can reach us any time. So, you can get help from us availing any of the 3 modes discussed below.

Give Us A Call: You can call us any time at our toll-free numberĀ USA : +1-800-297-9984 to place your service request. We make sure to offer the most reliable solutions as soon as possible. Our helpline is available around the clock.

Write Us An Email: In case you face any difficulty while calling, then you can also drop us an email. We will reply you with the appropriate fixes within the least possible time. Just address the problem you are facing with Instagram and send it to us.

Chat With Us: You can also have an error discussion via our Live Chat support portal. Write us a text message regarding the issue you have encountered and we will get back to you.